Poor Bill

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Well as Nancy Pelosi would say, and in fact one did say, (Poor baby, Poor baby) well she was not talking about Bill then but you know what I bet if you asked her, that is what she would say about Bill now.

What is going on with Bill Oreilly, because one might begin to think that the no spin zone has become a spinning nightmare.

Moving ever to the left of the spectrum, is the show in danger of loosing its viewer numbers, which has been high for a long time now but as Bill seems to allegedly be moving ever closer to the left view point, you know the world is flat and thar be sarpents there and such, you just have to wonder if Bill is really the same bill as he was in the past?

It used to be that Bill would come out and Stridently disagree with someone if they started spinning something, but perhaps he is getting older and now he is much more mellow, who knows for sure one thing seems interesting he is not above making alleged unchecked facts evidenced by both the Sherrod matter and the very recent comparison of Sarah Palin supporters as Pot Smokers.

No apology…

Not even an acknowledgment, you know what, that is just wrong and I have lost all respect for the man.

It is no longer a no spin zone…

Until I hear an apology for the unfounded attack on Sarah Palin Supporters and the insult to pot smokers all over California, I rather suspect this is a story that is not going to just go away and Fox news burying this story is further proof that they are not in fact a hard new company.

When you make a mistake be man enough to step and admit you made the mistake, if not then shut up about the no spin zone.