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  • Democrats to sweep 2018 elections?

    Is it possible that the democrats might take back the house and the senate in the 2018 election cycle? It might seem impossible and slightly deranged to think that this might even be possible… However, it is possible after all anything is possible… The biggest problem that faces the republicans currently is that they have […]

  • Nancy Pelosi out of touch?

    Oh, Nancy, Oh Nancy, Pelosi, how would you ever act were your party to be defeated and ostracized by the voting public, would you act contrite or would you simply behave as if there were nothing wrong at all. The United states is a republic, yet today Nancy seemed to not realize that.  Amazing that this […]

  • Border Bravado

    The Senate has declared that it will not vote on the Border bill which basically means that they are willing for children that “They” said needed help will not get that help because Harry Reid…  Will not allow the bill to come up for a vote in the US senate. Sorry but is that not […]

  • Mental illness in Washington?

    Are they all insane in Washington. When you think about how insane this actually is you will understand how important it is to vote in this 2014 election. It is time to send washington a message…

  • US election cycle 2014

    The political election process is heating up and it is beginning to look like the democrats are really going to face some serious problems. With leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, there is really no telling what will happen.

  • Are people in Washington DC Stupid?

    Just curious here because most of the bills that get voted on do not get read, as evidenced by the now famous Nancy Pelosi phrase that told everyone that you had to pass the bill to know what was in the bill.  The thing here is this if the average person can read the bill […]

  • Why you cant repeal Obama Care

    Trying to Repeal Obama Care, AKA, the Affordable Care Act, is never going to help the health care system. The time to repeal it would have been as soon as they realized that Nancy Pelosi, was wrong about passing it so you could know what was in it. The reason why it needs to be […]

  • Republician or Democrat or perhaps

    Something new… When you think about how crazy things are getting lately you sort of thing you know what the democrats are just ignoring everyone or outright lying about everything. The Republicans are the same way, its a corrupt mess. The independents, just another variant of the same worm that lives deep in the heart […]

  • IRS SCANDAL keeps on giving…

     IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting is Now Running Health Care Office [kc_heading_pac_14_headline_main_9 size=”45″ color=”#373737″ ]Is it Time to Abolish the I.R.S…[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_main_9]   It might seem difficult to imagine that we are facing something that could cost America millions of lives which it at one time hoped to save?

  • Karl Rove a Traitor?

    Is Karl Rove washed up? is he no longer the powerful thinking man that he once was? The truth may be that Karl is no longer the man he used to be and there are some very good reasons why.  source teaparty.net Karl Rove has declared war* on the Tea Party Movement. Our response? BRING IT! Establishment […]