NPR scandal?

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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

While the preceding statement would seem to leave no hope for humanity, cutting off funding for an organization that has demonstrated a clear agenda driven by only one point of view, (allegedly) would seem to be a good move, it is through these dark days that men with clear character and the back bone to stand up to those who would enslave humanity, (allegedly) must see through to the light that shines in the darkest night the light of truth.  When an organization like this one that has time after time shown that it cannot process information in a fair and balanced manner accepts public funds from the public whom are made of a diverse set of values, we cannot in good conscious allow this to continue as if it were some kind of entitlement.

It is time to pull the covers off of these monsters, (allegedly) and reveal the dark hearts of those that seek to defame and destroy.

When one side of the scales become too weighted the result is not a desirable thing, in fact the idea that one point of view or another is the only point of view is a dangerous thing, yet so often we see so many people that try to force their views on the world.

One example was Hitler, it was extreme, it was horrible, it was terrifying, yet, people allowed it to happen because they were afraid to say anything about it, when you examine the many horrible things that happened, and the very real promise that this would never be allowed to happen again, you have to come to the conclusion that when a station like NPR has only one point of view “most of the time” then that is just as wrong as they say it is for Fox news to have a balancing point of view.

This is what you get?

This is the hope and change you voted for?
This is the special interests that we would not have?

My friends this is just Amazing, when a broadcasting company receives money from the public, but they only support one side of the equation, the people of the US are diverse, there is more than one view that must be represented.

It is impossible to only represent one view point, when you take money from all Americans, you have the responsibility to present an equal view, otherwise you should not take the money.

It is Amazing, to see this kind of behavior, it has been going on for years, just like you see the unions only supporting one political party, considering the potential for corrupt behavior, you must find a way to equally represent the members of your union, yet, only one side is represented.

This cannot work, simply because even in a union there are differing and divergent points of view, again we are faced with the idea that only one point of view is ever represented, this is wrong.