New debt deal lie?

Have we been lied to yet again?

The politicians may have done what they do best, play a game of kick the can, paint a fence white with cheap paint and call it a $40 dollar hammer.

But what really seems to be salt in the wound is the media.


You know after a while you begin to tire of the constant media intervention in the news, and the word bias begins to come out of the air in volume.

The news media including the Wall street journal, (allegedly) have begun to report that stocks are rallying upon news of a debt deal that may actually be a lie.

On top of that I find no where in the constitution where it says that a gang of 6 or a gang of 12 or a gang of a handful of leaders, (if you can call them that at all)

Can provide and choose legislation for all of America?

That is not constitutional, Everyone that swore an oath to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States of American from all enemies foreign and domestic, must do their sworn duty or resign, because what this deal does is abdicate the sworn oath of these political leaders, that is not right and it cannot stand it is not legal.

When a man is required to dispel his oath which he swear, upon the foundation of this nation, then where does that leave you?

If a man must abdicate his oath of office, in order to get some kind of half (@#$) deal done, then you know what, it is not right, and that man should resign from office.

This is a game of kick the can, and the American people know it, we cannot afford to get this wrong, it has been a problem for many years, we have seen this issue since 1913, where the mistake began, and yet nothing has been done to avert this disaster, it seems easy enough to figure out, we need more revenue, and we need reasonable spending.

How is that so hard to figure out, what we do not need, is arts and humanity to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars, public radio subsidies, Gas and oil subsidies.

We do not need to be funding NPR, and other organizations, that are politically biased, (allegedly)

We do not need to be spending millions of dollars in an attempt to preserve mice in swamps in the District of Nancy Pelosi, (allegedly)

We do not need all this pork, and if the various entities that have borrowed, money from the Social Security fund, (for the last 30 years) would pay it back, we would not have any problem with that either.  Still we have bias in the media, we have bias in the White house, we have bias in the Senate, and we have bias in the house.

When will they learn and understand?

The American people are not stupid as you suppose.

The American people are smarter than many of your think that you are.

One thing for sure, this really puts the next election in the right light, it is time to clean up Washington, it really is time to drain the SWAMP…




Stand firm, so say we all…

Why should we remain true to the passions and the sacrifice of our fathers and
those that came before?


Received an email (may not be the opinion of the owners of this website) (it may be too but hey thats what it is all about right)

This may be one of the most important issues facing America for the last 50 years and for sure when it comes time to vote we better show up at the polls, take the day off from work do what ever you have to do to make sure that we all vote.

Today, Obama is telling liberals to be prepared because he has no choice but to get the debt ceiling raised.  Obama reached out to his base with a townhall in Maryland and on NPR to let them know that the unwavering Republicans have left him little choice.  The Senate may have narrowly defeated Cut, Cap and Balance but after the President’s remarks today, it seems that we are on the verge of winning major concessions on spending without having to give on tax increases.  Our collective vigilance is the only reason that the Republican Congress has not caved.  They have heard our voice but we cannot let up now!

Together, we have contacted Congress more than 100,000 times through letters and emails demanding that they do not raise the debt ceiling without addressing the underlying spending problem.

Today, it is more important than ever to make sure that they hear from you again!  We made an incredible investment to make it quick, easy, and free to contact your elected representatives in Washington.  You are NOT required to make a contribution in order to use the petition software, but a generous contribution will allow us to provide this service to other like-minded Americans.


government shut down

Government shut down

The Government shut down could save the tax payers, 5.6 Trillion dollars and save America, what do you think Americans want to do?

Shut it Down, when men of Good Conscience, cannot do the will of the people in hard times, they should step aside and resign, America is more than just one man it is more than just a cabinet, it is more than just politicians, it is the people, it is we the people.

The issue remains clear programs that support mice that live in swamps, spending millions of dollars when Americans are hurting.

NPR radio spends millions of dollars supporting only one point of view.

This is Wrong, it is not the American way.

$90 Billion Spent on Flawed Programs

$100 Million in Unused Flight Tickets

a 800-foot-long replica of the Great Wall of China, Cost, $700,000

The list goes on and on and on…

Medicare Buys Shoes For Amputees & Walkers For Paraplegics

$700,000 this year investigating methane gas emissions from dairy cows.

The Census Bureau blew $2.5 million on a 30-second ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

They say that they cannot find a place to cut out wasteful spending?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

gold worthless gop government shut down grade the gov

Aborton Funding?

Is that what happened? Are the democrats really threatening to shut down the government because they cannot stop wasting money. It is really crazy, you know funding NPR which only represents 8 percent of the view of the American people.

Funding Planned Parent hood, which allegedly supports and makes arrangements with doctors to terminate the lives of unborn children and they do this with public tax dollars?

Is that really what the liberals want their children to remember?

If that is what they really want I say shut down the government.

WE do not need them but they do need us.

WE are the people they have no power.

We are sick of all the lies…


NPR scandal?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

While the preceding statement would seem to leave no hope for humanity, cutting off funding for an organization that has demonstrated a clear agenda driven by only one point of view, (allegedly) would seem to be a good move, it is through these dark days that men with clear character and the back bone to stand up to those who would enslave humanity, (allegedly) must see through to the light that shines in the darkest night the light of truth.  When an organization like this one that has time after time shown that it cannot process information in a fair and balanced manner accepts public funds from the public whom are made of a diverse set of values, we cannot in good conscious allow this to continue as if it were some kind of entitlement.

It is time to pull the covers off of these monsters, (allegedly) and reveal the dark hearts of those that seek to defame and destroy.

When one side of the scales become too weighted the result is not a desirable thing, in fact the idea that one point of view or another is the only point of view is a dangerous thing, yet so often we see so many people that try to force their views on the world.

One example was Hitler, it was extreme, it was horrible, it was terrifying, yet, people allowed it to happen because they were afraid to say anything about it, when you examine the many horrible things that happened, and the very real promise that this would never be allowed to happen again, you have to come to the conclusion that when a station like NPR has only one point of view “most of the time” then that is just as wrong as they say it is for Fox news to have a balancing point of view.

This is what you get?

This is the hope and change you voted for?
This is the special interests that we would not have?

My friends this is just Amazing, when a broadcasting company receives money from the public, but they only support one side of the equation, the people of the US are diverse, there is more than one view that must be represented.

It is impossible to only represent one view point, when you take money from all Americans, you have the responsibility to present an equal view, otherwise you should not take the money.

It is Amazing, to see this kind of behavior, it has been going on for years, just like you see the unions only supporting one political party, considering the potential for corrupt behavior, you must find a way to equally represent the members of your union, yet, only one side is represented.

This cannot work, simply because even in a union there are differing and divergent points of view, again we are faced with the idea that only one point of view is ever represented, this is wrong.


NPR Radio

Tax Money for NPR?

Fire that woman, how much is it worth to keep this CEO is it really worth over 400 million dollars, since that is likely what it will cost the NPR network to keep this shameful and alleged, incompetent, on as the CEO,

More Calls come in for the Firing of CEO of NPR, allegedly,

Many people are beginning to wonder why NPR is still obtaining money from tax dollars and shoves them down your throat.

Even though they do not represent nor support anyone having a view besides their limited view.

It is a shame and it is disgusting, while in the past we have supported NPR we no longer will be either listening nor supporting NPR in any way at all.

Good luck on your next telethon you alleged bigots.


NPR sorry, really?

Is NPR really sorry,

I mean or are they sorry they did not wait, three weeks to do the same thing to Juan?

Is this not like a snake lying to the mouse?

Its like the Aesop Fable, no one really believes that stuff, but wow, I guess there is no end to how stupid they think people are out there.

Thanks NPR,

Oh, no I will not eat you…

You know what, Too Little Too late, this alleged, snake should be fired.

Simple as that, America does not need this kind of Garbage.

Fire her or loose your public funding, simple as that.

Is NPR like a Snake in the Grass, Lying to Americans under the guise of pretending to be a public benefactor?

Here is the thing for so many years, NPR has supported an agenda, which is contrary, to what most people would expect a publicly funded company to achieve.

Still they Lie, when given a chance, they still do not apologize for what they did, they only say that they could have done a better job, of firing the guy, really?

You have to be kidding right, I mean that is just stupid, you know when someone is unwilling to admit that they made a mistake, it is a sign of not being fully mature.

Acting like a child.

Simple, get rid of this child, then your problems go away…

Should not be a hard choice to make, this person is not capable of being in charge of a large publicly funded company.

Fire the CEO…

aclu Politics

Will the Black Community stand behind Juan Williams?

We have to say that if this were a white Tea party supporter, who fired Juan Williams, there were now be protests all over Atlanta Ga, and yes, it might even be more…

Where is the EEOC

Where is the NAACP

Why will they not stand up for Juan Williams?

Where is the ACLU?

But where is all the outrage, when a man who was the only Black Male personality on the air for NPR, and he was fired for no good reason, yet, they can call him names, and suggest that he is crazy.

If the shoe here were on the other foot, as the old saying goes, This White woman, who fired Juan Williams would be a Racist.

So, here is the big question, if this were done by someone that was in the tea party they would be a racist,

That is what they are saying, the NAACP, but it was not someone from the tea party, it was someone from their own ranks.

It was someone from the left, that said those hateful things about Juan.

I think that is evil NPR should not get one single dollar of additional tax money and they should have to repay all the money they took this year and last year. That would be millions and millions of dollars, that went where? What did that money go for?

Who did that money benefit? Democrats? We need to understand what is going on with this evil and it needs to be fixed, there can be no double standard, it is time to stand up and be counted, when the liars, lie, the truth will out, in the end the truth is what it is, say what you will but the truth can never lie.

But they wont, of course not, the thing here that is so disturbing, is that the left can play the race card when ever they want to, even when it is a lie, as in the case of the NAACP stating that the tea party is racist.

But you know what, it really looks like NPR is racist, now that is a story, and it is a real story, not made up by some marginal publishing house.

So here is the deal, when you cry wolf about racism, so many times, until the times when it really happens, a white woman has fired the only black employee, at a federal sponsored organization, so where is the race card?

Where is the racism charges, they can do it when there is no evidence, right, they can do it at the drop of a hat right?

So, what up?

You can do it when its a lie, but you cant do it when its true?

Does that mean that all liberals are liars, and that anything they say is backward of the actual truth?

Meaning that she is the one that needs mental help right, if thats it then I agree, she needs to go.

Fire this woman.

aclu Juan Williams

Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams will wonders never cease?

Ok most of the time every word that comes out of the mouth of Bob Beckel, we don’t agree with, but I feel good after watching the Factor today, because Bob did the right thing.

Now for the most part, every time I see ol Bob, I know that some kind of trash is about to come out of his mouth, and you could tell he hated to agree with the consensus, which was well, it was entertaining to watch how he felt and the emotions he went through over the course of that story but in the end.

He stood up for Juan Williams, it is time to put an end to NPR because they are no longer a real media company, allegedly.

Earlier we saw where some hack writer, posted on the huffington post a piece about how they felt that Juan should have been fired, now I do not know how anyone in their right mind, (oh sorry its the Huff puff and I will blow your house down website) sorry, I guess you get what you pay for, on that rag, but you know what, this is racism straight up, no other way to say it, they fired the only Black male on the air, now it is only for white people or is that true?

Either way, I think that the amount of money coming into NPR will drop dramatically and one thing that has been a long time coming no more public Tax dollars supporting a company that has only one point of view a liberal one.

Tax dollars should not go to NPR period.


Is National Public Radio NPR biased and Bigoted?

Wow, this is huge, so what exactly does this organization do now, I mean they are not alleged fair minded people at all.

What is up when a man cannot have an opinion?

Do people really believe that they have the right to tell other people how and what they can think and feel?

We really want to know because in the past we used to support this organization, with contributions, but you know what that is about to end, no longer will we be supporting NPR radio because they no longer represent, America they now represent, interests outside the United States.

Someone had better investigate soon.

Has NPR Violated the Law, regarding foreign investment in radio stations in the US.

What about FCC rules and regulations concerning Foreign money and undue influence, there are some legal considerations that would seem to be at issue here.

We need a declaratory judgment to stop the public tax dollar support going to NPR