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  • DC Scandals

    With so many scandals what will happen next, you just never know what will we find out about now. [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_sub_1 size=”51″ color=”#000000″ ]Selling a Senate Seat..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_sub_1] What would happen if someone decided that they were going to profit from assigning a senate seat? Well that is just what happened to Blagojevitch 

  • Freedom of the press no more?

    Do we still have freedom of the press? That is a real problem…

  • Will Congress put an end to a corrupt administration?

    Is it not time to begin to understand that by doing noting we are asking for an administration where freedom means never having to say Im sorry… Where freedom means that you can say what you want as long as it does not make someone else in power and authority mad. Will Americans find that…

  • Business decisions struggling business owners

    There are some serious decisions being made in this nation and for the most part a lot of people are not even aware that they are being made, it is not in Washington, that these most important decisions are being made at all. That might shock some people to think that the most important decisions…

  • Division, Distress, Diaster?

    Is it right for one person to tell another that they have no choice but to do what the other person “Thinks” is best? It is amazing how easy it would be for congress to actually get something done. 

  • Is Bill Orielly a Liar?

    Did Bill Orielly lie to the American People or did he just get it wrong? If Bill did get it wrong will he admit that he made a mistake or will he just ignore it? Were interested to learn more about the motivating “Factor” that caused him to depict a liberal point of view in…

  • Gun Control will never work

    There is no method that will stop Evil.

  • Is Debbie Wasserman a Liar?

    This is a news story that you will not hear on many radio shows or even TV shows, but are you not tired and sick unto death of Liars? Well here is proof, that you cannot tell a lie and get away with it yet for some reason people think its ok to lie about…

  • Social Security gone forever?

    When they took money from Social Security they may have justified it by saying they would pay it back but you know what they never did. Now the money that should been there is not there and the interest that should have been added to the tank was never added, they need to pay the…

  • Chris Christie bows out

    Well a lot of people wanted him to run But in the end he probably wisely avoided The issue by endorsing the loosing candidate. What? Well Mitt Romney is not likely to win…   I really like this guy because you know what, he is honest, and that is a great thing.