Joe machin betraying the people of west Virginia?

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When will politicians realize that we the people are sick and tired of Liars?

You might think that a man of the people would actually perform the oath of office that they take yet for some reason this governor does not seem to understand that notion that four words are so easy to understand.

Shall not be infringed, its really just that simple.

Imagine the following headline in an American Newspaper…

200 bodies found in mass grave…

I know its a scary thing right, but you may not realize that there are some serious issues about to be decided and you are the only person that can stop it and you can do that by voting in 2014 but also by emailing your congressman and senators.

Don’t think that someone else will do it for you because every voice counts and we still have freedom of speech but for how much longer.

I want to show you something that few people will see on TV.

 There are horrible things that happen all the time, we know this yet more than often we choose to look the other way.

When you consider that most homeless people are not seen by the public its a thing that should shame us, but it does not.