The modern news machine

Where is the news cycle heading, we have this 24 hour news cycle now and that cycles every 15 minutes, which really means that they believe that most people only watch the news in an increment of 15 minutes. That may well be close to being true however what about the hundreds of thousands of […]

Hillary loosing badly?

Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign in serious trouble with the voting public? That would be what you might infer with all of the interference by the media that we have been seeing. This year has been the most troubling political cycle in many years and you watch as the Media are complicit, in hiding the […]

Corrupt Media Lie about first debate

Can you image a world where the media were honest enough to tell the truth? Sounds difficult to understand right? The truth about what the media are doing with these so called debates is the sad legacy that reminds us of what the truth really is. We look at what happened last night and we […]