Press and Media failed

The press and the media failed in their attempt to suppress the voter turn out.

They tried and tried and even as early as this morning they were still trying to subvert the will of the American People.


This morning they were “Predicting” that all the votes cast this morning were going to Hillary?

When you listen to these talking heads on TV you might tend to think that all the votes are going for Hillary and that no one is voting for Trump.

But that would make no sense right?


Media Exposed Faking Election

There is a report out that clearly shows something a little crazy.

Though in this election the definition of crazy has to sort of change, the truth here is that we have a news media that are intent on changing the will of the people.

The seriously appear to be so intent on not only influencing the election result but also faking it.


Benghazi the truth and the lies…

You can see just how difficult it is with regard to having the media just lie and lie and spin to protect the democrats.

Never forget about Behghazi ?

Faulty Memory?

Yet again we see over and over again how biased the media are about stories that they do not want you to see.

Have you see this on national TV

No you have not.

The truth about what the media are doing is just plain wrong.

Why is the media so insistent on interfering with the election process.

They blame everything on everyone and then they try to say that Trump should apologize ?

That is just wrong…

When this man tells the reporter says that Hillary Clinton should apologize, that is when it gets real.

That is something that is a big deal.

The last question that she asks attempts to ask a question about Trump…

Amazing stuff…

He shuts her mouth up and that is what we should be seeing on the national media.

But what would be even better would be if the media would actually cover the news to begin with.

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The modern news machine

Where is the news cycle heading, we have this 24 hour news cycle now and that cycles every 15 minutes, which really means that they believe that most people only watch the news in an increment of 15 minutes.

That may well be close to being true however what about the hundreds of thousands of people that do not watch the news.

In fact there is emerging evidence that the so called, “Millennial Generation” may not be watching TV at all.



Media bias the truth about the lies

The Media have steadily engaged in bias over the last several election cycles, the people of America know this to be the truth.

The Media laugh and cackle while they dismiss anyone who exposes their hypocrisy.

The greatest problem the media have is that the American People are awake.


Hillary loosing badly?

Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign in serious trouble with the voting public?

That would be what you might infer with all of the interference by the media that we have been seeing.

This year has been the most troubling political cycle in many years and you watch as the Media are complicit, in hiding the truth of what the democrats are doing and manufacturing lies about the republicans.

All you have to do is to just turn the TV off the media are engaging in libel and slander they must be really desperate because they have spent millions and millions of dollars and clinton is still not ahead.

They must be scared. 


Clinton Ca$h the movie??

There is a movie out online and it is called clinton cash…

It seems impossible that something like this could be happening…

Is it really true?

Is it a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

The truth may be surprising…

2016 debates 2016 media bias 2016 presidential election abc yellow journalism Politics

Corrupt Media Lie about first debate

Can you image a world where the media were honest enough to tell the truth?

Sounds difficult to understand right?

The truth about what the media are doing with these so called debates is the sad legacy that reminds us of what the truth really is.

We look at what happened last night and we have to wonder just what they are thinking?


Hillary Clinton’s New Ad is Sickening…

Negative impossible Ad…

I watched an advertisement which was sickening in the way it was used and also what it really says about what Hillary Clinton thinks about you and your mentality.

They show terrible things chosen to create an idea that her competition Donald Trump is silly.

There is a real problem because you could do this with anyone including Hillary and imagine what Hillary would look like using the same derogatory method used in the Clinton Video.

The message shows children staring at the TV watching this series of illogical clips of Donald Trump.

It is illogical because children are just not going to be watching Donald Trump in the way they suggest.

Never going to happen because kids don’t watch political debates or do they?

What is the real message that you should understand about this presentation?

Politics what happened to America

Trump and the Media..

You might think that the media are in love with Trump, but is that true?

    Some readers might think thats crazy is the writer being facetious?

Yes the writer is being facetious…
get a bigger phone





It is possible that there are some in the media that Do like him but many others do not.

At two different times in the past three months three different entities have said publicly on TV that Donald Trump should get out of the presidential race.

Now that is really interesting considering that one of the two democrats in the presidential race are likely going to be indicted on federal charges in the future.

So, really what did
the Donald do this time?