Hillary Clinton’s New Ad is Sickening…

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Negative impossible Ad…

I watched an advertisement which was sickening in the way it was used and also what it really says about what Hillary Clinton thinks about you and your mentality.

They show terrible things chosen to create an idea that her competition Donald Trump is silly.

There is a real problem because you could do this with anyone including Hillary and imagine what Hillary would look like using the same derogatory method used in the Clinton Video.

The message shows children staring at the TV watching this series of illogical clips of Donald Trump.

It is illogical because children are just not going to be watching Donald Trump in the way they suggest.

Never going to happen because kids don’t watch political debates or do they?

What is the real message that you should understand about this presentation?

Kids watch Sponge bob, Dinosaur Train, classic cartoons, they don’t watch debates, its totally silly or is there a hidden message in this video that everyone has just missed?

CNN called it a smart ad but was it really smart?

It was certainly a psychological attack no doubt about that but what if the children are not really children at all?

Now that sort of boggles your mind right?

What if the video is really saying that Hillary thinks you have the mind of a child…

Now that would change the way you view that ad right?

You bet and what if you turned it around and then showed the same thing only this time its Hillary that is shown doing terrible things in front of the camera…

Now that would be something that would really make a difference….

When you compare it that way the ad was not smart at all…

Not at all…

update soon….