The modern news machine

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Where is the news cycle heading, we have this 24 hour news cycle now and that cycles every 15 minutes, which really means that they believe that most people only watch the news in an increment of 15 minutes.

That may well be close to being true however what about the hundreds of thousands of people that do not watch the news.

In fact there is emerging evidence that the so called, “Millennial Generation” may not be watching TV at all.


I know this is probably going to blow your mind right?

If you are of the generation where TV was in the height of its cold world powers then it is likely that you watch a lot of TV at least a portion of the day.

What is really interesting here is that the younger generations are now watching TV.


They are consuming video on

They are not even ordering TV services or Cable services, Video as ATT now calls it.

Now that is significant and it should be very disturbing to the news networks such as ABC CBS NBC MSMBC and all those alphabetical letters.

That is really amazing because it tells a story.


The story it tells is that TV is just not good enough anymore and that is something that is going to spell doom to the bottom line for broadcast TV services.

If the latest generation is not interested in what classic TV is selling these days and instead is more interested in having a smart phone…

That is incredible news.

So the modern way is more like you buy a cell phone, you get wireless internet, and you don’t watch TV at all.

Why do you need a TV?

I bet the people in the news business are really starting to wonder what they will be doing in 20 years.

Or will there be any news organizations in 20 years?

It really is all about honesty and it appears that a lot of people just do not trust the media.

Why would you trust them anyway?