Media Exposed Faking Election

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There is a report out that clearly shows something a little crazy.

Though in this election the definition of crazy has to sort of change, the truth here is that we have a news media that are intent on changing the will of the people.

The seriously appear to be so intent on not only influencing the election result but also faking it.

This should scare the he double tooth picks out of you and everyone you know.

Is it the job of the press to bend the truth to fit in with their twisted definition of what that is?

Ill give you a second there.

Here is a graphic that exposes what a local TV station was preparing in advance of the election.

“Local News Station Prepares Election Results before the election”

Keep in mind that this is before the election has even begun.

How could America have come to this kind of evil and from our own citizens?

There are millions of democrats out there and for the most part many of them are good people, seriously the democrat part of the past was obviously doing something right because they were so powerful but that has changed and it has not been change for the good at all.

We simply must get back to our roots.

We are a nation of the People.

We are not a democracy.

We are a republic.


WE hear the media talk about democracy this and democracy that but we are not a democracy.

We are the People and the people are tired of the media attempting to usurp the constitution.

We simply must join together to defeat the media in this election otherwise we may wake up the day after the election in a nation that is no longer free.