Hillary loosing badly?

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Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign in serious trouble with the voting public?

That would be what you might infer with all of the interference by the media that we have been seeing.

This year has been the most troubling political cycle in many years and you watch as the Media are complicit, in hiding the truth of what the democrats are doing and manufacturing lies about the republicans.

All you have to do is to just turn the TV off the media are engaging in libel and slander they must be really desperate because they have spent millions and millions of dollars and clinton is still not ahead.

They must be scared. 

They must be so desperate that they have now dug up two people who are willing to lie or not.

The truth does not really matter here because it is not the truth that the media want they want to smear and to muddy the water, they want to do what ever they can do to help Hillary to win.

It is really just that simple and the closer to the election that we get the more you will see.

All you have to do is one of two things, stop watching or help Trump Win.

There is  a third option or perhaps more you could do both.

As millions of other viewers have also done, many many have decided to get their news from the internet instead of the biased and now sadly completely corrupt media.