Benghazi the truth and the lies…

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You can see just how difficult it is with regard to having the media just lie and lie and spin to protect the democrats.

Never forget about Behghazi ?

Faulty Memory?

Yet again we see over and over again how biased the media are about stories that they do not want you to see.

Have you see this on national TV

No you have not.

The truth about what the media are doing is just plain wrong.

Why is the media so insistent on interfering with the election process.

They blame everything on everyone and then they try to say that Trump should apologize ?

That is just wrong…

When this man tells the reporter says that Hillary Clinton should apologize, that is when it gets real.

That is something that is a big deal.

The last question that she asks attempts to ask a question about Trump…

Amazing stuff…

He shuts her mouth up and that is what we should be seeing on the national media.

But what would be even better would be if the media would actually cover the news to begin with.