Trump and the Media..

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You might think that the media are in love with Trump, but is that true?

    Some readers might think thats crazy is the writer being facetious?

Yes the writer is being facetious…
get a bigger phone





It is possible that there are some in the media that Do like him but many others do not.

At two different times in the past three months three different entities have said publicly on TV that Donald Trump should get out of the presidential race.

Now that is really interesting considering that one of the two democrats in the presidential race are likely going to be indicted on federal charges in the future.

So, really what did
the Donald do this time?

Are the media making a mountain out of a molehill?

Definitely and you should also ask yourself why they are doing this.

It appeared that there is a serious problem here and is it right or is it wrong?

At first it appeared that Donald Trump was talking only about those who were refuges.

But now what?  Is this something that has never been done before?

I think history demonstrates very successfully that when you have an enemy only a fool allows that enemy to come into the gates of the city…

In fact in war there have been ruthless examples of things that have been done in the name of controlling ones enemy.

So, what is this really about?

Likely this is really about challenging the media because the media look stupid when they try to sound so self righteous.

ITs like the pot calling the kettle black, LOL.

but here is a video see how many times the media lie…