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Benghazi is over

Is it as we have seen on TV where a Presidential candidate feigned arrogance and disdain for a congressional grilling to find out why Hilary Clinton (lied) to the American people on 911 when four brave Americans died.

That should truly be enough to show just how un qualified this woman is to run for office.

Its amazing really because there are some serious problems.

They must have decided to just act like this was just a witch hunt, (well they found the witch)

They must have decided to listen to Carvel, you can almost see his shiny bald head hope you were not eating just then.

  They must have decided that showing disdain and laughing at the deaths of four men who had every hope that someone would do the right thing and send the military to help rescue and save the lives of those men. 

These are men who gave their lives..

Would you vote for her after seeing how she acted?

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The media jokers

When you watch coverage by the media these days you expect to see biased coverage.

What is really interesting is to watch these jokers when they think people really believe what they are saying.

Media blow hard bobble heads, you see them all the time yet for some reason they seem to believe that people believe everything you see on TV because it must be true?


When you begin to look at the truth you find lots of interesting things…

Many of those things have nothing to do with the lies the media tend to tell over and over again.

We know for example that most every word out of the mouth of bobble heads on TV, are lies.

Why is that?

Simple the truth is not in them…

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Over correction…

There is a tendency to over react at times, its a difficult thing to manage but its what human nature usually dictates.

The media have been busy attempting to stir up a ratings worthy event.

They waited to see if the people would riot, they secretly hoped that would happen because they get paid to cover the news and if there is no news well they pack up and they go home.


Imagine that…

One of the things that I find most interesting is the propensity of the media to insult the intelligence of 70 percent of the population that bothers to watch TV in the first place then then they have the gravitas to demand huge sums of money for commercial television advertising.

Who in their right minds would want to advertise or even be associated with a media that allegedly lies, cheats, manipulates, folds bends and otherwise fails to do anything to develop discourse that is accurate at all…

It makes you wonder what kind of business people they must be?


Baltimore Riots, Mayors at fault?

Was the mayor of Baltimore negligent in allegedly ordering police to “stand down” when rioting and arson, robbery, assault and battery, the list goes on and on.

Should Mayors decisions come with consequences?

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misrepresenting the truth…

What is the truth, think about that for a moment, the liberal media continually seek to distort the truth with strange forked tongues.

Earlier today on the so called, (Fair and Balanced Network,) Chris Wallace, in his usual liberal manner, attempted to play God by stuffing whom ever he is currently interviewing with spew and garbage.


#Ferguson making it worse

Are we watching as the media make a presentation out of the misfortune of those that actually live in ferguson?

Yes, definitely, they had a split screen on TV the night of the decision.

They showed on one half the announcement and the other half of the screen they showed the protesters…



Too Little Too late

If you live your life by the political polls you see on the TV, you might be very concerned about the way that Washington is dealing with the issues that have developed as a direct result of a premature withdrawal from Iraq.

Some have even used the words dereliction of duty.

Is there a point at which it can be wisely determined that a leader has failed to provide for the people for which they have been elected?

That is something to seriously consider.

There is a big problem in Washington and we need a real leader to step forward and lead this nation.


If its on TV its true?

Sure years ago we used to think that if you saw something on TV it had to be true…

But that has not been the truth for a long time.

Illegal Immigrates moved to Boston…



2014 Election most important

The 2014 election cycle is likely to be the most important election perhaps of all time.

This is why it is so important that voters get out and actually vote.

The media are counting on you just sitting down in front of your TV and watching Netflix.

I know its amazing right, the media selectively cover the news, they actively work with candidates that support their limited views on political subjects.