Over correction…

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There is a tendency to over react at times, its a difficult thing to manage but its what human nature usually dictates.

The media have been busy attempting to stir up a ratings worthy event.

They waited to see if the people would riot, they secretly hoped that would happen because they get paid to cover the news and if there is no news well they pack up and they go home.

That is something that is quite amazing, its brazen and its probably also illegal.

But that is what is happening in this nation there is a 24 hour news cycle and nothing is off limits, they will report on anything more so if the story they spin and weave is one that fits into their political and or social agenda.

Its likely that for what ever reason there were some that were disappointed when riots did not break out.

It is hard to imagine why someone would do such a thing as this.

ITs difficult to think about because its not human nature to behave in this way.

That is the media we have today, its a sick monster and most of the time we can’t stands it, (precious) This is like the media is like… A sick and twisted thing that we allow our children to watch on TV…