misrepresenting the truth…

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What is the truth, think about that for a moment, the liberal media continually seek to distort the truth with strange forked tongues.

Earlier today on the so called, (Fair and Balanced Network,) Chris Wallace, in his usual liberal manner, attempted to play God by stuffing whom ever he is currently interviewing with spew and garbage.

I have seen him do this so many times that it is rare that I watch the entire program mostly because it is so UN-Fair and Not Balanced.

They have people come on there and tell out right lies, cite poll results that do not exist anywhere on this planet or in this solar system.

(YET, never are the liars challenged)

They allow this to happen on a Fair and Balanced network, which is by far preferred than to listen to the non stop lies from other networks.

The thing is, you have to wonder do people like Chis Wallace really think that people take him seriously?

Does he consider himself to be a “Real Journalist”

Playing games with interviews is not journalism.

Stuffing words, telling lies, making up facts, omitting the context of questions, all these things are variations on lies.

Its interesting to see how ignorant these people really are because if they do not realize that people are laughing at them because of their obvious liberal bias then they are sick individuals who need some serious mental help.

Its just a mystery most of the time, yet still you see it happen all the time.

Some people say that Journalism is dead, perhaps it really is because what I see on TV these days is far from good.



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