Liberals Liberals, LOL

When you watch the video below you have to wonder about some of the bias you see…

  Are people really that ignorant?

Chris Wallace is a liberal…

People feel insulted by him on a regular basis, (allegedly)

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misrepresenting the truth…

What is the truth, think about that for a moment, the liberal media continually seek to distort the truth with strange forked tongues.

Earlier today on the so called, (Fair and Balanced Network,) Chris Wallace, in his usual liberal manner, attempted to play God by stuffing whom ever he is currently interviewing with spew and garbage.

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Chris Wallance Biased comments…

We know that many news outlets attempt to present a viable and reliable news presentation, Fox makes much about the fair and balanced approach, however is that really accurate?

Today we watched Chris Wallace make a statement before introducing a video of the George Zimmerman reaction to the verdict.

Bias can take many forms and it has no place in reporting, Chris Wallace should know this but he still used language that was inflammatory, why did he do that?

You see its important to not contribute to some that listen to the news and might do bad things, yet Chris seems to do these things on a regular basis, again why?

As he was introducing the video, he made the statement, that Zimmerman had shot down, Martin, but that was not and still is not true…

It is incorrect to say such a thing and it is wrong, Mr. Wallace Owes America an apology for the biased comment on the national news.

There was no shooting down and to inject bias is wrong on so many levels, Mr. Wallace should be ashamed of himself for making a loaded statement like that.

Do the media have a duty to not incite riots?

Yes, they do and if there were riots, would Mr. Wallace be liable?

Perhaps, he would be held so in a court.

We don’t know but the one thing we do know is that Mr. Wallace is not objective, his statements were wrong and embarrassing.

There seems to be this liberal slant in action when things do not go the way that the media feel that it should be.

There is no place for this type of bias in the media.

Shame on you sir for what you have done.

Again, the false and misleading statement concerning Zimmerman “Shooting Down” Martin is not only Evil but could create violence if left unchecked the media would

be doing this all the time we need to stop and think about what were doing and reporting is not about bias.



is Chris Wallace a Jerk?

You know you have to ask is Chris Wallace a Donkey?

Is he a liberal?

Is he a jerk?

Why is he even on the air? Is Chris Wallace a joke?


biased Chris Wallace

Amazing, this guy sounds like a liberal, I think that he is a closet liberal and is not even a little conservative, just amazing how this guy tries to pretend but in reality he is just not well informed, so Chris Wallace is what a liberal?

So strange in how he asks his questions.

I like the audiences reaction to a question to Herman Cain…

He makes sense and that is a good thing…

That dog wont hunt…

I like his no nonsense attitudes that is really what we need a man who is not a politician.


Wallace bias

Is Wallace Biased? 

In the questions that he asks why is he so biased?

Are you sick and tired of alleged jerks like Chris Wallace?

Can Chris Wallace manage to ask a fair question or can he even manage to do that?


Is Chris Wallace a Jerk?



Fox news Bias

Should we believe without question what the media publishes.

So what next?

As the 2012 Presidential Race starts to heat up we are seeing a lot of bias by the media…

In the media coverage last night it appeared to some at least that allegedly Chris Wallace, might have had some kind of hidden agenda in his questions, it should not be a surprise to learn that allegedly Chris Wallace likes President Obama, and perhaps allegedly even voted for him.

The real problem is that the man is an alleged coward.

Hiding behind the shield of pretending to be fair and balanced while secretly or not so secretly being engaged in the liberal agenda.

Here is a man who allegedly could not produce a viable book but instead published a cook book that was likely more popular than other publications. 

This is not a problem, because as the old saying goes, if you cant stand the heat write about it instead.

 The thing is that so often you see people like Chris Wallace that appear to try to “project” this fair and balanced news media spin when in their hearts, (allegedly) they are raving and ravening, wolves, seeking to devour the hearts of those that they interview in public.



chris wallace

Chris Wallace Unfair and Un ballanced?

So the real question here is Fox news a real news company?

or are they just as biased and slanted as the other media groups that perhaps don’t make as much money as fox does?

This guy seems to favor the liberal view, but Fox loves to say how fair and ballanced that they are, but if Chris is not fair how can fox be fair?

Can we not do better than these liberals, can we not really be a reporter or is it beyond the intelligence and ability of people like this guy?

I have to wonder about Chris because it often seems like he talks down to people, at least that is the impression I am left with like he thinks we not smart enough to figure out that his comments are arrogant, and often biased.

Is Chris Wallace a fair man?

Is Fox news really Fair and Balanced?

Inquiring minds want to know because it looks like he is anything but fair, in fact it really looks like he is very biased in favor of one political candidate.

Why is it that Chris cannot stick to the regular fox news format?

Instead he seems bent, and some might say Hell bent, on pushing the liberal view point to the breaking point.

In a recent interview, and in fact several interviews, Chris has engaged in the liberal view point, several times, badgering the interviewee, it seems like the guy is just a liberal mouth peice, at least that is how it seems, it is fairly obvious when you look at the guy and the way he interviewed Palin, the guy just is a liberal, but should not he say that he is biased?

Because Fox news says they are fair and balanced, and Chris Wallace is anything but.
So often you see these old guys and you wonder if they are just biased or if they are intentionally dense.

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Chris Wallace biased?

Is Fox news really as fair as they Say they are?

In many ways it appears that history does in fact repeat, but why is that, when Fox news has been so successful, why would they now seek to emulate the failures of the old Giants, the ones that used to be big but are now taking a back seat to cable programming simple because of the sheer number of subscribers, cable is now larger than broadcast.

Is this True? allegedly, you can just watch the guy and see how he is sometimes, not very fair in the way he talks to people he interviews.

In this industry this is known as Bias, I am not afriad to say it here because I have seen it I have been a witnesses, and personally seen this on TV.

This is a terrible thing for a man to do to a woman, on national TV, this guy acts like an alleged, emo

Is fox news not really fair and balanced like they claim to be?

well you can read it yourself, and if you missed, it you really should see how biased the video appeared to be.

Wallace might have been smiling but his choice of words was not very nice, we noticed that he appeared to be batting for the left, in a network that advertises they are fair and balanced, we were puzzled about his choice of invective.

Yesterday I watched, Chris Wallace, interview Sarah Palin, and I noticed right away that his technique for interviewing her was not normal…

What I mean by that is that Fox news, “claims” to be Fair and Balanced, yet, the tone of the Wallace/Palin interview, was definitely from the left side of the equation, now it is really difficult to defend this, because I saw it, and it was not fair, nor was it balanced, it was obvious to me that the Interviewer, was adding and using adjectives, into the questions, which were laced, with emotion charged, invectives, now that is something that the left does all the time, in fact, in a recent opinion piece, seen on one of the other networks, the female lead, spewed, hatred, and bile, it was a real turn off, it was like watching a cat fight, where, each animal was hissing, and baring their teeth, it was in fact, very unprofessional, which is why they have such dismal ratings.

So why is Chris Wallace, stooping to the level of confirmed idiots?

I have to ask where do these people come off with this type of Unprofessional journalistic, ideas, when Chris Wallace, interviewed, now President Obama, he did ask some hard questions, in a soft ball way, but he was fair, he did not put any level of bias into it, I looked at the transcripts, for this interview and while the questions were difficult they were not biased.

So I have to ask, why did Wallace, treat Sarah Palin, the way he did?

It was not only disrespectful and biased, (in my opinion and allegedly) But it was Un professional, and something that I would expect to be watching on NBC, instead of Fox news, I would love to see the transcript on that on, and in fact, I will look for it, but I expect not to find it, because that interview, was not fair and balanced, and I would not blame Sarah Palin if she stopped doing interviews, on Fox, thanks, Chris.

You know Journalism has reached an all time low, when an interviewer cannot stop him or her self from peppering their questions with Bias, it is the main reason that Fox news has become so popular, the idea that people could get a fair coverage of a particular event, not total opinion, but hard news.

This was not hard news, but opinion and it was not only unfair, but it was unbalanced.

This may not come as a surprise to many however, it seems a little strange, to see this guy on TV, talking from a liberal view point, and you can argue all you want but the guy said some stuff to Sarah Palin in an interview, that just smacked of liberal politics.

We can see the polls indicate that liberal politics are on the decay, in fact ad revenue must certainly be falling, as fast as the ratings for NBC, (allegedly)