Press and Media failed

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The press and the media failed in their attempt to suppress the voter turn out.

They tried and tried and even as early as this morning they were still trying to subvert the will of the American People.


This morning they were “Predicting” that all the votes cast this morning were going to Hillary?

When you listen to these talking heads on TV you might tend to think that all the votes are going for Hillary and that no one is voting for Trump.

But that would make no sense right?

The truth here is readily apparent to anyone that can think for themselves.

The media are so biased that they can no longer distinguish the truth from their own talking points which are false and lies.

The Press has been exposed and confronted for the corruption and bias that they continue to try to force feed the public.

Fox News continues to do just that sort of thing.

They use key words that are all negative.

They say things like, Trump Must Win this state or that state, Trump has a very Narrow path to victory, Trump Tries to expand his unlikely chances of winning.

How interesting that you do not hear the same things about Hillary Clinton?

Why is that?

If you contend that the truth is self evident as it it most certainly is then when you assume that all voters that are not white are voting for clinton then you make a huge error in judgement.

How ignorant would you have to be to assume that every hispanic voter is voting for clinton just because the media have pursued a narrative designed to brain wash Hispanics and African Americans?

This assumes that these voters have no choice but to vote for who the media and the press “Believe” they will vote for.

That is amazing because when you watch how insulting these people on TV actually are then you just have to shake your head and question just how intelligent these television personalities really are.

You see all negative coverage of Trump and either no coverage of Hillary or no negative or they cover stores uneven.

Another thing you see that is of interest is the very serious problem with how biased the media have become.

They bring up only topics that they can manipulate and extrapolate the key words and phrases they want to show.


Today is the day that you can slap down the biased Media and Press.