Donald Trump 45

The next President of the United States of America has been elected and has taken office.

The Media continued its negative slanted coverage for the most part however there was one exception at least for a day.

Fox News had some fairly decent coverage except for a couple of poorly thought out comments by a few bobble heads.

Over all it was a very good day for America and that is what this day should be about.

The problem is that there was propaganda and the media took the bait sinking to new lows even for these people.


Trump Elect

This is a moment that if the Media had their way we would never have seen.

In fact they had to be dragged “Kicking and Screaming” to the (Decision Desk) to do the right thing.

Fox News was screaming loudly…

Like a prating child.

It was a late night and the Media typically was not willing to do the right thing because they really thought that Hillary was going to win out.

They were so sure that Hillary was going to win that they were willing to delay the results of the election causing Millions of Old people to have to stay up past their bed times.

Find out more about what your missing.


Press and Media failed

The press and the media failed in their attempt to suppress the voter turn out.

They tried and tried and even as early as this morning they were still trying to subvert the will of the American People.


This morning they were “Predicting” that all the votes cast this morning were going to Hillary?

When you listen to these talking heads on TV you might tend to think that all the votes are going for Hillary and that no one is voting for Trump.

But that would make no sense right?


Holy pound cake bat man

Wow, the media have completely lost their minds.

They think that they can brain wash you into this mental (Brain Teaser)

They say “hey we have him n0w lets say that Trumps comment from 10 years ago happened yesterday” that way people will think that all the millions we paid to the television stations to air those false flag commercials were real that way we can get more women to vote for Hillary.

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Corrupt Media Lie about first debate

Can you image a world where the media were honest enough to tell the truth?

Sounds difficult to understand right?

The truth about what the media are doing with these so called debates is the sad legacy that reminds us of what the truth really is.

We look at what happened last night and we have to wonder just what they are thinking?


Hillary looses first debate

That is a news headline that you will not see in much of the so called news.

Most people are so tired of all the bias that they have just stopped watching a lot of the debates.

“Trump was routed by Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate”

(Lies and Falsehoods coming from the Media) 

It is a sad thing to see how corrupt the media have actually become.

“Cronkite would have cried”

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Hillary skates but we all know it right?

Everyone knew this was going to happen because why?

It was obvious to the AG, right?

It was obvious to Billy.

We all knew it, yet the director of the F B I

Did not know it?


That is something that may be an issue in the eye and minds of the public for many years to come.


Hillary Clinton may not be facing criminal charges in the FBI investigation into her handling of emails when she was secretary of state – but the fallout from the scandal is far from over.


Hillary clinton

Amazing stuff folks right…. Wow…


Hillary & McCain

Well, I know that title may sound a bit strange and for many reasons it literally is.

But what are the main ways that Hillary and John McCain are alike?

Simple, they are both presidential candidates when their party was going to loose, Period.

Nothing was going to stop Barack H Obama from becoming president.

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Poll numbers drop for Hillary

In recent news for the past few weeks Hillary has seen a steady decrease in poll numbers along with some seriously bad poll questions.