Hillary looses first debate

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That is a news headline that you will not see in much of the so called news.

Most people are so tired of all the bias that they have just stopped watching a lot of the debates.

“Trump was routed by Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate”

(Lies and Falsehoods coming from the Media) 

It is a sad thing to see how corrupt the media have actually become.

“Cronkite would have cried”

This was news but we have not had real news or real debates in such a long long time now its like a carnival where the moderator tells lies in front of the entire world.

Last night the idea of having a fair debate where the media report the truth died.

It should be a serious concern to all Americans.

May God bless America.

Be sure to vote in this election…

IT is the only way that your voice will be represented in this election cycle.