Holy pound cake bat man

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Wow, the media have completely lost their minds.

They think that they can brain wash you into this mental (Brain Teaser)

They say “hey we have him n0w lets say that Trumps comment from 10 years ago happened yesterday” that way people will think that all the millions we paid to the television stations to air those false flag commercials were real that way we can get more women to vote for Hillary.

The truth here is a simple one, Who Cares…

Who cares what the media think is important…

Why most people just don't care about what the biased media say

Ten Years Ago…

I just don’t care what he said, because it has no bearing on the hear and now, that was then this is now.

If that is all they have then what it means is that the media are desperate…

If You the media have to go back Ten years ago to try to dig up something on Trump then you really have a lot to learn about the truth…

Guess what You “The Media” are so biased that no one watches you and no one believes you and no one cares what You “the media” have to say in the first place.

You have no credibility.

You are more ignorant than those people you believe you can fool into thinking what you say is valid or real in any way.

That is the truth that you think you can hide from America.

What is really laughable is that you “The Media” believe in the lies you tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

You can have your cake but you can’t eat it as well, so if your no longer actually reporting the news, then that makes what you have to say of no significance.

When you make up a news story and try to make it look like it is “Real News” when its Nothing, then we turn you off, we do something else with our time because lets face it, we do not have time to waste on ignorance.

If this is the best you got, then you have already lost the election.

(You know what is really offensive)

The Millions of Americans who are suffering because of Hurricane Matthew whom the media have ignored.

That is what is offensive.