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  • fake news Media!

    The fake news idea started out as a method of suppressing the truth in the 2016 election cycle. Take a moment to look at this video… Untruthful. Did you watch this video? If not take a moment to see just how often the media are lying to you every single day. IF you want to […]

  • Roy Moore Senate Race

    Roy Moore Senate Race

    There is news which many Alabama voters have been waiting to see concerning the Roy Moore race for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. In this video you will see the first threads beginning to unravel as allegedly the alleged ambulance chaser throws yearbook accuser under the bus.

  • Right and Wrong Law and Order

    The differences between political factions in this country are literally many and the divide is great. We are not a divided country as the corrupted media suggest. However some of our leaders are divided and corrupt. This is a big problem which is why we have Donald J Trump as our president. The people voted […]

  • Hillary loosing badly?

    Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign in serious trouble with the voting public? That would be what you might infer with all of the interference by the media that we have been seeing. This year has been the most troubling political cycle in many years and you watch as the Media are complicit, in hiding the […]

  • Holy pound cake bat man

    Wow, the media have completely lost their minds. They think that they can brain wash you into this mental (Brain Teaser) They say “hey we have him n0w lets say that Trumps comment from 10 years ago happened yesterday” that way people will think that all the millions we paid to the television stations to […]

  • brainwashing media

    According to the media Donald Trump is finished he has finally done the one thing that no one will ever want to vote for him… Oh, yes after saying the exact same thing over and over again for more than a year the media are ready to get started… They are ready to say now […]

  • IG Report Ends Hillary Presidency?

    Is it possible that a report by the IG, Inspector General could put an end to the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton? source Roger Aronoff With a State Department Inspector General’s report concluding that Hillary Clinton was not, and would not have been, permitted to use a private email server during her tenure as secretary […]

  • media responsible for riots?

    Over the past few days we have heard quite a lot about the riots in Baltimore MD. The one thing you have not heard is how much responsibility does the Media have in reporting and perhaps inflaming riots to take place. It is a fine line.

  • Ferguson was not the first

    You might be tempted to think that raised hands and Don’t shoot was a thing that was used in one place, it was not.  Don’t shoot has been used in the right way many times before, Ferguson has proven to be a hoax by the media and a criminal that lied in order to divert […]

  • unconstitutional committee

    Perhaps it is time to start considering the constitution even if the supreme court refuses to do so.   The Committee, which was likely not legal in the first place was unable to come to an agreement to save any money from the faltering US economy which is likely to be a big issue for […]