unconstitutional committee

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Perhaps it is time to start considering the constitution even if the supreme court refuses to do so.


The Committee, which was likely not legal in the first place was unable to come to an agreement to save any money from the faltering US economy which is likely to be a big issue for the democrats in the 2012 election.

 It was not surprising to learn that nothing had been accomplished, as it has been long known that the person or persons who care least in any given situation, will never change, in this case it is the democrats that have refused to change, they care the least, (allegedly) in this situation so they refused to do what was required to make a difference. 

Now this would have been if the committee was legal in the first place which likely it was not

The allegedly lying media has said that this is the fault of everyone but who is really at fault?

Could it be the democrats?