Right and Wrong Law and Order

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The differences between political factions in this country are literally many and the divide is great.

We are not a divided country as the corrupted media suggest.

However some of our leaders are divided and corrupt.

This is a big problem which is why we have Donald J Trump as our president.

The people voted and the result is clear.

There is no evidence that anyone “Tampered, Changed, Altered, Hacked” the election result.

However the latest incarnation of how corrupted our media have become is in the iteration of yet another false flag narrative.

Yes, yet another ignorantly manifested talking point where America and its voting public are betrayed by the media.

Find out what the betrayers in our media are hiding about this news story that you will not see on any news network. 

Want to know what is going on with all this talk about how Russia (May or might or possibly or could have) sought to interfere with the election process?

Wait, does that sound suspect?

It should because its a false narrative.

Its a story, only not the kind you tell your kids about at night…

But its still a story, fiction…

A lie, a story, fictionalized fashion, foolishness in the extreme.


What is really terrible here is that you can see some democrats that are perfectly willing to perpetrate the lie to the UMPTH, degree.

They don’t care what damage it might cause.

They don’t care how dangerous it is to play this media madness game.

They are such poor losers that they are willing to risk it all just to try to turn the will of the american people over.

They are so messed up mentally that they are willing to participate in sedition and treason in Washington DC…

People that should know better.

They are telling this tall tale, about how the CIA has a report that suggests that Russia was and is interfering with the 2016 election.

But wait, is that statement true?

No its, not and here is why that statement is a lie.

They are using an old trick called bait and switch its really an illusion.

ITs a magic trick, but you might be surprised at how many people believe in magic tricks.

The media apparently are interested in doing this kind of thing as well, so lets tell it like it is shall we.

WE have a disgraced director of the CIA that is under extreme political pressure from one source or another to publish something about how Russia might have played a part in the election.

The problem is its not true.

(If it is true that as some suggest Russia is our enemy, then why would they want Trump?)

Think about it, yeah, they would have wanted Hillary because they would have easily manipulated and purchased anything from the Klintons that they wanted, pardon the nature of the suggestible criminal element here, but birds of a feather right.

But seriously for a moment, even if Russia would have wanted to change the election they could not have done so.

There is no evidence, None, now if you look at the statement made, did Russia seek to interfere, perhaps, but did they ?

Here is the lie they are telling you.

They are suggesting that hackers (might have) hacked.

But what they are not telling you is that it is the nationality of the hackers that is of issue here.

They are saying one thing but intimating another.

They are showing you the nationality of the hackers of the DNC, (democrats) who had their dirty laundry air dried.

But what they are not saying is that what was revealed was the truth and that was significant.

It shows just how nasty and dirty these people really are.

How they are wiling to risk this nation and its history and its future because they think that all of america is wrong and only they are right.

That is a sickness its a mental illness.

So they took it one step further than the truth suggests, they took it all the way until it crossed the line.

Now they are telling you that Russia not only hacked the DNC but they may have tried to interfere with the election.

(this is not a novel its not a movie, this is the real thing)

They are lying and they are trying to show the CIA is now involved, really come on people this is so disgusting and its not even a good novel or fictional plot.

One CIA official who is not a real boy any more, is now suggesting that something is going on…

We know that this administration is out of control that they have made a huge mess that is going to have to be cleaned up and the media is participating in the process of our elections, but they face no consequences when they play God?

It is time that the news be separated from the entertainment and hype.

It is time that we stop this corruption in the news media.

Its time…