Tag: Biased Media

  • Press Becoming Desperate

    Despite beating the Trump Drum, which is mostly much ado about Nothing… The Press and the Media are watching as their candidate is loosing this election. No matter what they do it keeps coming out negative for the democrats. They keep on pushing non issues that people neither believe nor trust and it is because […]

  • Hillary loosing badly?

    Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign in serious trouble with the voting public? That would be what you might infer with all of the interference by the media that we have been seeing. This year has been the most troubling political cycle in many years and you watch as the Media are complicit, in hiding the […]

  • Holy pound cake bat man

    Wow, the media have completely lost their minds. They think that they can brain wash you into this mental (Brain Teaser) They say “hey we have him n0w lets say that Trumps comment from 10 years ago happened yesterday” that way people will think that all the millions we paid to the television stations to […]

  • Media Super pack

    Last night the best line of the entire night was truth told… Marco Rubio… Watch this Amazing truth…. Lame Stream Media plays the fool for partisan politics…

  • President Hillary?

    I have to wonder just how this woman could lead this nation… Seriously… If this were a republican presidential candidate the (LIBERAL) media would be demanding that the candidate step down.  They would have gone insane at the very thought that someone would dare to run for president with the blood of Americans on their […]

  • carly fiorina

    Will this candidate get to speak  In the second debate it is beginning to look like Carly Fiorina is not going to get the opportunity to speak with the men on the stage. Now this is something to think about.

  • Politically Biased Media

    Imagine for just a moment that you are interested in learning about political science… Now imagine that the last place on earth that you will see any of that is not on the allegedly biased media outlets. In many ways this is not only a tragedy but an evil situation where a hand full of […]

  • Sequester Insanity…

    Amazing the story you are about to read is just that… You might be wondering about how the Sequester budget battle is effecting the lives of those people who need help in America. The truth may be something that you find difficult to understand and comprehend. Read the rest of the story here. I know […]

  • Did Media Influence End Elections in America?

    The truth about this very important issue could be that Corporate News Services have in fact carefully set about to influence and to undermine the American People while making Millions of dollars along the way. It is possible that because of the way that America has become so fragmented and divisive and derisive, that we […]

  • Media interferrance in 2012 election?

       So if you believe the media Obama has already won…   You Lie… Why the Media is getting away with Treason? Has the media gone out of its way to trouble and or interfere with the election cycle as a pundit, an opinionated slobbering malcontent that continually seeks to present one view while attempting […]