Tag: Oath Of Office

  • Harry Reid forgets?

    Recently Harry made the news when he attempted to tell the entire world that everyone that said they experienced Obama Care problems were Liars.  Why do we have these people in office, they would likely be happier in a home anyway, so why do they just keep on, when they so long ago stopped representing […]

  • Dick Durban time to vote him out of office

    It is time to send this man packing because when you have lost your mind and no longer represent the people or uphold your oath of office its time to go home.  

  • Citizens of America Speak Loud…

    Everyone can hear the swell of the Freedom of Americans Voting people out of office that do not respect the constitution of the United States of America. It is clear that when it comes to the right of the citizens of America to defend themselves against those that would attack and murder their families that […]

  • IRS issues, Senator Durban, Time to send him home?

    You know from watching the news and by keeping up with politics that the congress is not doing their jobs, we have unconstitutional actions by Senators, no budget in four years, a Supreme court that is out of control with rulings coming form politics instead of the oath of office… It is time to send […]

  • Joe machin betraying the people of west Virginia?

    When will politicians realize that we the people are sick and tired of Liars? You might think that a man of the people would actually perform the oath of office that they take yet for some reason this governor does not seem to understand that notion that four words are so easy to understand. Shall […]

  • Freedom of Speech feinstein Liar and Theif?

    This is something that everyone needs to understand we have a problem in Washington. Shall not be infringed… How hard is that to understand.

  • remove bloomberg

    Is Bloomberg a menace to the people of the state of New York?Should he be removed from office? While there is no recall mechanism in place in NY, (which explains why so many politicians are such Jack ASSess,) certainly they should because if a man cannot lead in office by doing the will of the […]

  • New debt deal lie?

    Have we been lied to yet again? The politicians may have done what they do best, play a game of kick the can, paint a fence white with cheap paint and call it a $40 dollar hammer. But what really seems to be salt in the wound is the media.   You know after a […]