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  • Crisis in the Mid East…

    Unless you have been watching the regular media and not Fox news and the internet, then you may not be aware of the serious issues that have affected the middle east and the military concentration of armies that are massing around this area. So, its been a year?  Do you wonder about the ability of […]

  • Runoff in Mississippi

    Too Close to call in Mississippi.

  • No Freedom of Speech?

  • Protesting and congress

    Common Sense, its really not that hard to figure out but why does it seem like congress just cannot figure it all out. A bill was just introduced that would make it a felony, If you happened to have on a T shirt expressing your constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. Now, were definitely against […]

  • Rolling Stone may not be so hot off the press

    We all know that there are controversies, in every day life, sometimes we run into them in a line at a supermarket. But, we don’t have to take it, you can go to a different line at that supermarket or you can leave and go to the next store right down the road, usually a […]

  • Media Race Baiting causes Riots?

    Do you feel that the media is attempting to create the news by using a despicable tactic? The truth may be not only bewildering but also dangerous. When you read these articles and you see the coverage on TV, do you think that they are intentionally engaging in something that could be very dangerous… Don’t […]

  • free press no more?

    Is this the end of the press as we know it or are we about to see what has happened in places where there is no more freedom of speech. These are the places where crime just happens and no one ever does anything to stop it. These are the towns where no one is […]

  • Joe machin betraying the people of west Virginia?

    When will politicians realize that we the people are sick and tired of Liars? You might think that a man of the people would actually perform the oath of office that they take yet for some reason this governor does not seem to understand that notion that four words are so easy to understand. Shall […]

  • Freedom of Speech feinstein Liar and Theif?

    This is something that everyone needs to understand we have a problem in Washington. Shall not be infringed… How hard is that to understand.

  • Merry Christmas

    This is the time of year when you can listen to the old songs and still be hip.  Christmas time is the best time of the year, a time when you can watch Miracle on 34th street.  Children can watch Frosty the snowman, all the classics and all the great tasting food.    More than […]