Crisis in the Mid East…

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Unless you have been watching the regular media and not Fox news and the internet, then you may not be aware of the serious issues that have affected the middle east and the military concentration of armies that are massing around this area.

So, its been a year? 

Do you wonder about the ability of the news media to report the truth?

You should …

The media are not performing the function for which they were created and instead are abusing the powers afforded the press by the men and women who have given so much over so many years.

This is why more readers are turning to the internet to get news they can trust, even with the media trying to smear internet websites as not trustworthy, they seem to somehow think that we will believe them now…

Once the advertisers understand this and abandon those news organizations that are no longer reporting the news, there will be an accounting for what they have done or in this case what they have not done.

They think that people forget about things after a few months but that is no longer true.

At one time people would get off work and watch the news at 5 PM and watch a white haired man in black horn rimmed glasses tell the nation the news and we trusted him and for the most part there was never any reason to not trust the news.

That has changed and it is time for reporters to step into the gaps and begin to report the news again, its time for the true writers of this age to step forward and speak the truth so that the evil of doing nothing is not the last voice never heard.

This is what the press was designed to do and to become. 

Advertisers support the media companies, people and dare I say Voters, support the advertisers, it has worked this way for many years without fear of becoming ignorant at the expense of our intelligence.

The media seem to think that they can get away with just about any behavior at all, however that is also not true, living in a vacuum without light does not vision create.

Again the Internet is the future and the broadcast media are blithely ignorant or dementedly afraid of free speech and thought.

In either case, the ignorance of the media can never take the will of the people for granted, while others have tried they have failed and will ever fail.