Freedom of Speech feinstein Liar and Theif?

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This is something that everyone needs to understand we have a problem in Washington.

Shall not be infringed…

How hard is that to understand.

Feinstein makes a statement that she is not a child and that she does not need to be lectured but apparently she does not understand plain English, Shall Not Be Infringed…

That is not hard for anyone to understand even a child would understand that.

But apparently once you have been in Washington For more than 20 years you no longer seem to understand anything.

So, Diane, seems to be saying that she has been up there for more than 2o years and she knows things.

We say to the Senior Senator, that perhaps it is time that she get out of the way of the Interests of the People.

Its time to Vote in 2014 It is time to send a message to Washington that WE the people Shall not be Infringed by the old and the wrinkled, those that have grown rich at the expense of the people.

It is time to send a message to Senators like Feinstein, that the people will not allow old people who are too slow and too old to properly understand the reality of this present world that they need to retire. 

Senators have a responsibility to the people not just to a few who vote and who contribute to a campaign, but to all the people.

Is It not time for this senator to resign, because she allegedly no longer upholds her oath of office.

Did this senator not swear to uphold the Constitution from all threats both foreign and domestic?

If the Senator no longer believes in the oath which she Swore, then it is time to resign.

Go home if you cannot do your jobs you need to go home and retire, most of those people up there are rich beyond belief.

When you Swear to uphold the Constitution you better be doing just that.

Send a message in 2014 its time to Vote them out of office, Send a message to Washington.