want to get the economy going, bush tax cuts

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Come November, We will Remember

TAX TAX TAX man it is always about the TAX> ,  you have the TAX, then you have the TAX TAX< then you have the TAX, TAX, upon the TAX, then you have the property TAX which you paid when you bought the land and the house you live in.

BUT then they want to just keep on taxing you ever year.

Year up on Year, up year, it never stops, until they either own everything you have or you die.

To tax the rich or not to tax the rich and by the way who are they?

Ok, so it is time now for the chickens to come home to roost, and that would be aimed at the democrats, yes the democrats, because Bush wanted a permanent, tax cut, and it worked, but for one small thing, the democrats were in control, and they said, NO, they were the party of NO.

They said no to permanent, cuts, they the democrats wanted an expiring tax cut.

So that is why were in this mess now, because if Bush had gotten what he wanted, it would be permanent, and no one would dare to raise taxes on the cusp of the greatest depression in history.

So what up.

Why do the democrats want to tax small business, they are the job creators in this nation.

Yes, that is correct, on one hand you hear about a small business stimulus, and on the other hand you hear about a tax increase on the very same people that the small business stimulus is to help?

It is so confusing, because it makes no sense, that is why we are in such a horrid situation it stinks.

Yes, that is it, it stinks, you can not say you want to help the small business people on one hand while attempting to tax them on the other.

So which is it?

The answer is not complicated, we need some real leadership we need someone that knows what the left and right hand is doing.

This November vote for candidates that you know are not lying to you

This November remember who wants to really help you and who is willing to say anything just to get your vote.

This November it is time to vote them out of office, it does not matter if they are democrats, liberals, Independence, or republicans, they need to go if they are not for we the people, they need to be voted out.