Fast and Furious backfired?

What should we learn from mistakes we make?


Should Eric Holder be held responsible for the deaths of citizens and border patrol agents that may have been killed because of this issue.

More calls for Eric Holder to resign amid allegations that he may have willfully lied to congress. Considering the mountain of evidence of the issues of competence, the unpopular stances where the justice department is pitted against the states rights in the constitution.

should the Justice department be suing states in court to allegedly take away their right to protect its people?

Does the Constitution not have a Tenth Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

 That seems straight forward and simple to understand.

Yet we have a man in charge of the Justice Department, that does not understand something as simple as the Tenth Amendment, what is wrong with that picture. 

Yes, some argue that immigration is a federal task, but is it solely such a task, when you have borders of each state, then does not a state have to protest its people?

Are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people….

When you look at this you have to say that a man has a right to protect his property his children, his land, his car, from being spoiled by an enemy, the same is true of the state, each official must protect its people.

So now we have Fast and Furious, which was allegedly designed to provide provender to the enemy, but perhaps caused a lot of other problems.

Did Fast and Furious do the very thing that the liberal media news was promoting in a story about how Mexico was complaining about how Guns were coming from the US, and ending up being used in violent crimes in Mexico, (remember that)

The liberal media was gearing up for a crucifixion of the Second Amendment to the constitution.

So where are they now, on this news story?

Why are they not crying about how American Gun shops are selling guns to be used in crimes south of the border?

Could it be that they no longer are interested in a true story that explains why there were so many complaints from Mexico.

Could it be that when the news story starts to hit home, (chickens or otherwise) that the liberal media is no longer interested in doing a news story about this fast and furious scandal.

In so many ways, this is a terrible thing to have done, and while some say that it has been done in the past, but in the past the level of violence was not the same south of the border so the idea that you send arms into a country that is already having so many problems with violence is just well crazy and insane.

 So the goal of this fast and furious, was what really, to track where guns went and how many people they killed?

Seems sort of a strange situation to be in when you want to try and take away other peoples rights to
keep and bear arms.

It seems that the constitution is not the problem here but men who would stand up and lie to the American people.

It seems like the old saying still holds true, that people make the decision to do harm to others, not the things with which they choose to do that harm, so you see attempting to ban guns or take away the second amendment, would not change much of anything, because since the beginning of time men have known how to be violent, if you take away every gun in the world, they would pick up sticks and stones as in the past and they would wage wars upon one another with a vigorous attention to detail.

No, this kind of thing is just a sad reminder that we are human and we make mistakes.

The constitution is still the best guide we have for standing up for America…


apology mistake

want to get the economy going, bush tax cuts

Come November, We will Remember

TAX TAX TAX man it is always about the TAX> ,  you have the TAX, then you have the TAX TAX< then you have the TAX, TAX, upon the TAX, then you have the property TAX which you paid when you bought the land and the house you live in.

BUT then they want to just keep on taxing you ever year.

Year up on Year, up year, it never stops, until they either own everything you have or you die.

To tax the rich or not to tax the rich and by the way who are they?

Ok, so it is time now for the chickens to come home to roost, and that would be aimed at the democrats, yes the democrats, because Bush wanted a permanent, tax cut, and it worked, but for one small thing, the democrats were in control, and they said, NO, they were the party of NO.

They said no to permanent, cuts, they the democrats wanted an expiring tax cut.

So that is why were in this mess now, because if Bush had gotten what he wanted, it would be permanent, and no one would dare to raise taxes on the cusp of the greatest depression in history.

So what up.

Why do the democrats want to tax small business, they are the job creators in this nation.

Yes, that is correct, on one hand you hear about a small business stimulus, and on the other hand you hear about a tax increase on the very same people that the small business stimulus is to help?

It is so confusing, because it makes no sense, that is why we are in such a horrid situation it stinks.

Yes, that is it, it stinks, you can not say you want to help the small business people on one hand while attempting to tax them on the other.

So which is it?

The answer is not complicated, we need some real leadership we need someone that knows what the left and right hand is doing.

This November vote for candidates that you know are not lying to you

This November remember who wants to really help you and who is willing to say anything just to get your vote.

This November it is time to vote them out of office, it does not matter if they are democrats, liberals, Independence, or republicans, they need to go if they are not for we the people, they need to be voted out.

apology mistake

Rand Paul Wins Huge victory

The Tea Party is beginning to pick up speed, regardless of what the liberal biased media have said, This is a big deal, this is a referendum on the Liberal, agenda, Even republicans are not safe… We are not going to put up with politics as usual, were sick of it, watch as both democrats and republicans are voted out of office.

We will Vote you out, you knew that America did not want the bail outs, You knew America did not want the health care Lie, You knew it, but you did nothing…

Now your chickens have come home to roost and we dont care if you are republicans or democrats, we will vote you out, because you work for the people, not yourself…

This is by the people for the people, not the other way around, you did not think we would do anything but you were wrong…

Now is the time to support the Tea party, republicans are not conservative, they are just the same as liberals, politicians…