The truth about Gun Control and why it does not work

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We all can remember things in the past that were once touted to be great things but later turned out to be false.

What about Cabbage, a while ago there was a report that eating cabbage could help your health then a few years after that they concluded that too much cabbage caused cancer…

Hmmm, remember how they trashed Eggs, telling how eggs were really bad for you, then came the incredible edible egg.

The thing is these days we see all kinds of odd things up for dinner, one of them right now that is just stupid is this notion that Gun Control Laws, will somehow stop criminals from getting and using guns…

That is just ignorant, stupid and several other things that most people just see as yet another reason why we need to protect our children just like they do those wrinkled old judges that sit in court rooms.

We are the people and the people say that the constitution was right, you know you really cannot stop people from doing bad things by passing laws if you really want to put an end to these tragedies then you must place armed guards in the schools where there is a risk.

Its not difficult to figure out, you can see that when we do have problems like the shooting at the theater in Colorado, it is because of a lack of security.

There was one such fool on TV just the other day talking about how if a criminal had smaller capacity magazines, that more children would be alive.

Less bullets, would mean that criminals would have less opportunity to shoot, but is that really true?

Consider this, as sad as it was that a tragedy had to take place before someone paid attention to the fact that schools do not have armed guards protecting the tax payers children, but even more interesting is this very real fact.

One Armed guard with One Bullet

could have prevented the entire tragedy…

Think about that for a moment, one bullet could have prevented the entire thing.

One doctor, could have stopped this thing in its tracks, One father, could have reported his son and stopped this entire thing.
But none of those things happened, the single most interesting thing about this entire debate here is a simple thing, less than one percent of all deaths in the US indeed around the world are committed by citizens who have guns, these crimes are committed by criminals who do not follow the law.

More laws, will not stop this from happening again and again, it will continue to happen until we see signs that read this is not a gun free zone, this zone is protected by armed guards who will shoot you before you can shoot anyone.

That is what we must understand…