Tag: Tragedy

  • Mothers day Massacre

    Yesterday a horrible thing happened, the media did not get what they wanted… Caution this news story will make you sick… Yesterday there was almost a horrible situation that took place, a tragedy this time it could have been a real tragedy. The Media wanted a news story where they could point to a specific […]

  • Politically Biased Media

    Imagine for just a moment that you are interested in learning about political science… Now imagine that the last place on earth that you will see any of that is not on the allegedly biased media outlets. In many ways this is not only a tragedy but an evil situation where a hand full of […]

  • The truth about Gun Control and why it does not work

    We all can remember things in the past that were once touted to be great things but later turned out to be false. What about Cabbage, a while ago there was a report that eating cabbage could help your health then a few years after that they concluded that too much cabbage caused cancer… Hmmm, […]

  • Tax and Spend History and what we know

        We know a few things about the past, it is easier to see clearly once a thing becomes a part of the past, you can easily identify where you went wrong, where you made that wrong turn.  The thing is we know that Tax and Spend economics does not work.  For those politicians […]

  • Threats, thugs, liars and the Biased media

    You know it seems like a bad movie that somehow made it to the screen and you look at what is going on and you have to wonder, is this how all unions are? The answer is of course not, yet the media would have you believe that all unions are evil and that all […]

  • 911 memorial?

    No room for the FDNY? No Room for the EMS? NO room for the Clergy? No room for Americans in their own city? Why do we have an anti American memorial service, and is this really some kind of ignorant stupidity? What is going on at the White house, when you have this mentality that […]

  • Can Casey Anthony get a fair trial?

    Guilty as charged, that is what we will see, and why is that you may ask? Why wait, for a verdict, everyone knows that she is guilty, right? Everyone knows it because the media has told us for days, that they "think" she is guilty. Simple, this case was tried in the court of public […]