Health care reform

Can  we ever figure out what is at the root of medical care that is not affordable not before the Affordable Care Act, it takes more than a piece of paper to reform a broken system of health care.

We know that there are real and serious problems that are effecting our ability to get decent health care.

Did you know that.


Health Care Pain

Stories of pain, they are everywhere, in fact all you have to do to learn the truth is to visit a local hospital and just look around.

You will see the truth.

The pain, the cost and the horrible conditions that many Americans are facing because of a broken health care system.



Health care Misery?

In many ways there are those of us who are treated differently because of who they are.

It may seem as if this is a very unfair thing and it is however the truth of the matter is that it has been this way for many many years. 

You can see this everywhere from health care to housing and just about everything in between.


Health care nightmares?

You might think that the Grinch has created this present health care scare but that would only be a comparison.

A friend relates this story that did not have to be…

A mother of two children who had no insurance came into the emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The Emergency room treated with antibiotics and sent the girl home. 

The next day the woman died of complications of pneumonia.

Now where is the health care for those at risk?

Where is the health care for those that the affordable care act was designed to help?

Emergency rooms are turning gravely ill patients away and sending them home without the basics needed to survive.

Imagine what it must have been like to sit at home hoping that your breathing would improve, trusting that the treatment you received would save your life only to at the last moments of your life to realize that you could not breath.

Your children asleep and unable to help and likely she was not even able to make a life saving call to 911

This situation may sound dramatic but it is the truth and it happened just the other day.

In fact it is happening all over the United States every single day.

The biggest problem is not just the heartless liars that run the Emergency rooms but it is also the congressmen and senators that refuse to do anything to stop this abuse and make no mistake it is abuse.

 It would be inconceivable to turn away someone that was dying just because they had no insurance but this is what is happening and it is happening more than you know. 

We have to put an end to this bad behavior by doctors that swear an oath to do no harm yet they are participating in this madness that is killing people.

We must hold these people responsible for these crimes and that is what they are crimes.

Only when a Doctor faces criminal charges for denying care to a patient that results in death will they then do the right thing.

Then the threats and the manipulations by the administration of hospitals all over the US will end with a doctor making a decision which is the way it should be anyway. 


The way it is now, doctors are not making these decisions because they are afraid to make a decision that would cost the hospital a few additional dollars as in this case an overnight stay would have likely stabilized this mother but now her two children have to go through life without a mother all so that a hospital that receives millions in charitable contributions as well as federal aid can save money so it an be spent in other ways, tell me how these evil people can even sleep at night?

 The truth is this is just the tip of the iceberg soon they will have committees that will decide who gets help and who does not get help.

If you have insurance you will have a much greater chance of survival and if you do not all you can do is pray…

Vote in 2014 because it may save a life…

It might even save your own life.

2014 vote them out Politics

Health care black market

We are about to embark on a health care journey that will frighten most adults and it should frighten you.

The truth about health care is that it has already changed, it changed as soon as the law was passed but no one knew what was in the bill.

Nancy P did not know, Harry Reid did not know, even the white house did not know.

What you should be concerned with now is how are you going to manage your health care in the future because what you thought you had is now gone.

Millions of Americans have lost their insurance and millions more are about to loose it but they just don’t know it yet.

Back when this bill was passed in the dead of the night the insurance companies began to actually read the bill unlike your elected officials that voted for this monster.

 So now consider this the demand for self pay services has increased to a degree that has never been seen before and the evidence of that is in all the services that have begun to spring up all over the US.

 You pay a fee and you get health care, they will bill your insurance company which will in turn probably deny your claim but you will not care because by this time you will need that care and you will not care what it costs to get that care.


The truth about the insurance companies is that they may have been complicit in writing this bill in the first place because if your elected Representative did not read or write the bill then who did?

Another truth that you will soon learn is that back when the bill was rammed down the throats of the American public the insurance companies quietly gutted all their health care plans in such a way as to deny coverage to paying subscribers, (allegedly)


Think about that for a moment, back in 2008 a Gold Humana Care plan with premium riders would allow you to obtain surgery for a deductible of just $100.00

Now that same policy no longer exists and in its place that same surgery is now going to cost you $20,000.00

Yes you read correctly.


You will now pay large sums of money for the same services that used to be included in your policy and you will also pay higher premiums for that poor quality service.

Just know one thing for sure if you do not have a pile of money and you get sick then you will end up in a world of hurt.

Vote because those fools in congress will never live by the laws they write for everyone else.



Health care insanity

We all know that health care costs are out of control now we have health care insurance costs that are getting way out of hand. 

Why is that?

When you consider the issues that people are seeing all over the US you have to wonder what is congress going to do about this mess?


So far they are doing nothing, Harry Reid is the main problem in the Senate, why is this man even still in office, Harry Reid is the greatest case for term limits in the Senate in the History of this nation. 

 The thing here is that when congress voted to pass this monstrosity, they never did read it, most of them still do not know what is in it. 


So now that we know half of what is in this thing and we can see all the problems, when are they going to fix the problem?

You see they never did address the issues of tort reform and insurance reform which are huge issues that must be dealt with. 

Insurance reform must happen because that is what we see now as the biggest problem, insurance companies are booting people off their health care insurance and those people that paid for years for that insurance and did not really use it, guess where all that money went?

Into the pockets of fat cat insurance companies. 

Now we have insurance companies that are going to collect insurance premiums for people who do not have children millions of subscribers will pay fees that will never go to anyone or for any health care service. 

What that means is that you will be paying for the cost of braces, that never get installed. 

Now that is wrong and must be stopped, but if congress will not do anything lets get them out of there and elect people who will do the peoples business. 

Vote in 2014 send a message that will be heard, Fire those people up there that have become rich off the backs of Americans. 



Health problems

Insurance companies are creating a big problem for health care and no one is prepared to stop them.



Health care Lies

The truth about health care and why it is not what you think it is.

When you look at the truth you may feel a little like someone that has been lied to not only by the politicians but also by the Media, its a real problem that is probably one of the most diabolical scams ever perpetrated on the american people. 

Lies, Lies, Lies, every time they open their mouths they lie. 


Health care no more

The truth about the condition of the health care system is becoming a thing that were it known would be very alarming.

Health care truths,

  • Younger doctors are not as well trained.
  • Physician assistants are even less informed about medicine and treatment procedures.
  • RN nurses can be biased and uncaring, along with a lack of updated medical training.
  • Experienced doctors are retiring at an alarming rate.

    When you add up these things and the fact that in order to obtain real health care you have to search for a doctor that will listen to you and actually examine you, when you go into an emergency room and the doctor does not examine you, there is a serious problem that should be addressed.

I want to tell you a story about a woman that has a tumor that is causing horrible pain.

She has no health insurance and to date has not been able to obtain a medical option that is not influenced by money.


When money matters more than the patient and the patients needs can we say that the Oath the physician takes is now dead?

Do no harm…

When you go to a doctor and that doctor does not listen to you what can you expect to have any confidence in that doctor when money is more important than what happens to the patient.

How can any doctor operate under those circumstances?

The truth is that you almost have to do your own research because these ER docs they just are not well educated at all.


Health care fraud…

It has been said that there are billions of dollars in fraud every year in the health care system, but how can you stop it?