Is the constitution still the American Way?

We have in our history a clear example of many years of applying the document that has and is still the best guide for America that will ever exist. 

But we also have some that would like to break it and trod upon it as an old document that no longer applies to the People, yet the document was and is so simple that only a fool would fall into the idea that it does not mean what it says. 

The constitution is simple, it is some people that feel that they have the right to rule over others that tend to find a reason to want to stop the constitution, in the past mistakes have been made by the supreme court. 


The truth about Gun Control and why it does not work

We all can remember things in the past that were once touted to be great things but later turned out to be false.

What about Cabbage, a while ago there was a report that eating cabbage could help your health then a few years after that they concluded that too much cabbage caused cancer…

Hmmm, remember how they trashed Eggs, telling how eggs were really bad for you, then came the incredible edible egg.

The thing is these days we see all kinds of odd things up for dinner, one of them right now that is just stupid is this notion that Gun Control Laws, will somehow stop criminals from getting and using guns…

That is just ignorant, stupid and several other things that most people just see as yet another reason why we need to protect our children just like they do those wrinkled old judges that sit in court rooms.


Common Sense

The idea that evil exists in the world is something that cannot be denied. We know that there are people in this world that are capable of doing great evil and we also know that this is not new, it is not something that just recently happened, no in fact in terms of horrible things the most significant loss of life happened in the 1920s when a man did the unspeakable.

The thing here is that the only way to stop evil people from doing horrible things is to have someone there to stop them. If you think that trying to control violence works for those nations that do not allow guns then your a fool and a liar.

We know that our nations court houses, have metal detectors and we know that armed guards in our nations court houses work, how many violent crimes have been committed in a court house?

Yes a few but far less than any other crimes in other areas.

All you have to do is to examine that statistic, and you will see the truth for what it is.

The only way to stop bad men or women with weapons is to have good men who will protect you in times of trouble.  Any other method is foolish and dangerous, you hear the idiots over at the big networks talking about how they need gun control but we all know that gun control does not work, it is a failure so ask yourself why they want to try something that is a proven failure?

Why would they want to try to do something that will not work?

That is the real question, because if even they know that gun control is a failure then you have to question their motives and you have to understand how evil they are, they would want to take away your protection and then only have it for themselves. 

Does that make sense they would love for you to be dependent upon them because then they will be the only ones you would be dependent upon, but what does all this really mean, when you want and need protection who would you want to rely on the most, someone that might show up in time to save you or someone that was trained in the use and protection of their loved ones?

That is the real question, because the average time for emergency personal to show up is more than 45 minutes, longer if you live in a rural area. 

They keep trying to do things that do not work, they tried to fix the economy and they ended up wrecking it, they keep trying to spend more money thinking that it will make a difference but it failed, yet they still keep trying it over and over again, they do not learn from the mistakes they made in the past. 

Sadly the only thing they understand is to let them know that you will not be fooled, that they are wrong and that you have the proof to show them but they will not hear the truth because they can only understand dishonesty. 







water boarding?

In a perfect world, there would be no evil, never would the rain fall during a parade.

In a perfect world the world would be friendly and men would all be friends, we would all just get along…

But the truth is that we do not live in that perfect world that so many people wish we lived in.

You know this is a hot topic, in many political circles, but you do have to consider this issue, and yes it is not a good thing to be doing.

The problem is this, if you are responsible for the welfare of a people, a nation, a country, and you know that your enemies, will be doing this to your soldiers, then you know that is part of what you will need to do in order to be prepared in the face of a hostile enemy.

The fact of the matter is that this is not something that just came up over the last few years, it has in fact been going on since the days of the earliest known record keeping, as far back as the Egyptian empire used it, they used it in Vietnam, I can tell you that it has been done, to every special forces soldier in the armed forces.  A man would be a fool to not be prepared in the event this is used as a method of extracting information, we know this is the truth, yet there is somehow this idea that we should not be doing what our enemies do to our own members of armed forces.

No force for good or evil would ever consider facing an enemy without being prepared for the eventual capture and escape that might occur should you face an armed force that would be stupid, in fact it would spell the end of your people, we know this from the study of history.

The truth is that we as a species are not this ignorant, when faced with the facts waterboarding no matter how bad it may seem is a fact that we have to deal with we cannot just say that it is illegal and not moral, of course it is not and in fact neither is the decapitation of a man but that is what we have seen our enemies do to our own.

It is distasteful, it is abhorrent, but it is a fact and that is the one thing that you cannot ignore.

The truth is it has been used for hundreds of years, and it will continue to be used, nothing is going to change that.

So, even if you think it is a horrible evil thing, there are worse things…

That is something that you have to understand.

While it might sound important and interesting to be totally against water boarding the truth is that when you face an enemy,
that has no problem doing this then you have to deal with that eventual issue you cannot simply stick you head in the sand and say
never never never, the truth is that when it comes to saving the lives of millions of people, be it Americans, or others around the world,
the fact is that you have to consider this issue.

Ignoring the enemy is not an option that we can afford to engage in it might help you sleep better at night but what we know about
the enemy is the reality that our armed forces deal with it is the reality that we have to believe in.






Politics in the Media

Is the media is biased to the point of treason?

In many ways, the media has begun to take over the process of elections, that would seem to be an indication that there is a big problem in the media, from bias to outright liars, in some cases we have seen liberals talking about things they know nothing about.

Today on a program that aired on Fox news, a liberal bobble head, made the comment that some politicians had no plan, however that was a lie, and this man (who allegedly, is bald but wears a wig) was made a fool by a woman who told him the truth, and you could tell that he hated that.

Liberals hate the truth because they would rather lie than to tell the truth.



bloomberg anti american?

Is the Mayor of New york city anti American using lies and liberal garbage to try and lie to the American people?

Is the mayor of New York lying to everyone using public tax money to do it with?

Should you vote the mayor out of office for allegedly being a liar?

That probably depends upon your preference,  if you wish to support an alleged liar and fool that go for it. 


Global climate change?

Were they right, are we about to see the effects of global warming after all?

More Tornados this year than many years…

More fires, More, earthquakes, Changes in weather patterns.

Now, Hurricane and Record Drought, Wells going dry, while other areas of the nation are flooded, something id certainly going on but is it because of the actions of Ants, or the actions of mankind.

What type of animas does it require to maintain the idea that human kind has anything to do with the speed and rotation of the earth?

What kind of personality does it require to think that by any action man could take we could influence the distance of the earth from the Sun at any point along its timeline?

A Narcissist?

Likely, or even worst, an ego maniac, while it may seem easy to believe that we are what makes the Earth orbit, in its destined place and time, the truth is that we have nothing what ever to do with what happens here, just as thousands of years ago, mankind had no inkling that they could influence the journey of the stars through the solar system.

The truth is that only a fool thinks in this way.

Only a fool considers that they can control the weather, which is why in the end that what they “think” will happen to hurricane irene, as it goes up the coast, or as it goes in its way.

The truth is that no one can know for 100 percent.


The Racist Card?

You know, the title here says it all, there are times, when out of respect to the past and the future, we should allow old wounds to heal, but every once in a while someone steps over the line and that is just sad really because so much has changed, over the last ten years.


Are we all racist now?

There are still things that will never change, but that does not give us the license to play games with the truth, it is better to be thought a fool sometimes, than to remove all doubt.

Dear Patriot,
We're used to baseless personal attacks, but every once in a while it really gets under my skin. This time, I'm flat out angry. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) once again said that if we oppose this President's historic spending spree, it's because we're motivated by prejudice. She claims that if we don't want to raise taxes while passing mountains of debt to our children, then it's because we're racists.  (really, were all racist?)

Well guess what? I'm not going to stand for this. I know that you oppose raising the debt ceiling because these soaring deficits are devaluing the dollar, because our children should not be forced to fund today's government overreach, and because maybe, just maybe, the government should live within its means!

Here is what I propose: I want to let Sheila Jackson Lee know that we will not stand for this! We oppose any debt increase without REAL and substantial spending cuts because we want what's best for OUR country, unlike Rep. Jackson Lee along with her friends in Congress and the White House who only want to do what's best for their union and special interest cronies at the expense of our children and grandchildren!

Starting Monday, we're going to launch a full on blitz, asking Conservatives across the country – and in her district – to flood her office with faxes and calls telling her that we oppose her and the President not because of the color of their skin, but because they're wrong!

We'll send you more details about how you can help us flood her office, but we need your help right now to fund these efforts. If you're as angry as I am, please help us tell Sheila Jackson Lee that we won't stand for this any longer by making a donation –HERE–

This may be the last opportunity to save America from an agenda of Hate and Evil, Cowards that threaten the American way of life, if you have been on the fence about donating a small amount because you were not sure about what to do now is the time, we need your help even if it is only a few dollars, 5, 10 even 12, dollars, at a time, becuase this may be the last chance you ever have to freely give voice to your opinions, because if the Democrats in the White house have their way, you would be a racist and that is just not true.

Please consider a donation, even just $5.00 would help

Thank you for your support.


AP liars?

So why do certain publishers seem to have an interest
in promoting a certain political view?

The media used to be our friends, we would watch them in the evening and just before the street lamps went off so did the TV, with the American Flag waving in the background…

Things have changed and they have not changed for the better.

In a recent publication that has been allegedly questioned by scientists many people are questioning the accuracy of published information that appears to be allegedly faulty.

What they say and what they do may be two very different things, when you lie to yourself are you not also lying to everyone else?

When you make up a story based on biased information how is that reporting?

It is an amazing thing with polls, when you call in certain areas you can be more certain of what answers you will get, for example when you call in a certain area of NewYork about a certain topic you can be sure that you will get certain answers.

In the scientific world they call that being dishonest and being a fool and a liar.
No one is fooled…


fire Dupnik


Knowing that for the most part society depends on the law enforcement community to be not only fair but also balanced.

The courageous men and women that make up our law enforcement community deserve better and so often they do not get it, however when a man who allegedly should have retired some time ago, comes in and makes alleged erroneous statements which are not fair or balanced, you have to ask is this the best that Pima Co, Arizona can do? The answer seem and allegedly could be yes they can do better, however, to allow this type of behavior to stand unchallenged, is not only irresponsible but also well just plain stupid.

According to some reports, the Sheriff had the opportunity to prevent this tragic and horrible event, but like many others he did nothing.
It is in some ways, just incomprehensible, that everyone thought that someone would do something about this problem, there were signs.

It is easy to say this after the tragic events occurred and perhaps that is coloring some of the comments, however, to see a problem and do nothing, that is what is really disturbing about this situation, allegedly there were arrests made, but no action taken, there were people who said something was wrong but no help was sought.

Should Dupnik be fired for allegedly violating his oath of office?

Should he be using the office of Sheriff to try and push his personal political agenda?

Should a law enforcement officer be allowed to allegedly violate his oath of office?

This man is not fit for office allegedly, since he is causing many alleged problems for Pima county Arizona and his continued false allegations and innuendo, is causing a fevered pitch among many people this is not the way we have come to expect law enforcement to act.

It is time for him to step aside or shut up.

Law enforcement is in the business of enforcing the law not spouting opinion for the evening news, this allegedly is a blight on the law enforcement community this man must step down.

The facts do not support the dupnik fantasy, which is filled with the very vitriol that he falsely has tried to politicize, he should resign or be fired.

Else in the future when someone makes a fool of themselves in Pima county AZ they may be pulling a dupnik.

Sure its funny but it is also sad, this alleged man is not a real law enforcement member not with making all the mistakes he has allegedly made in several interviews over the past few days, it is incredible that the people of Pima county AZ have this for a sheriff.