Is the constitution still the American Way?

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We have in our history a clear example of many years of applying the document that has and is still the best guide for America that will ever exist. 

But we also have some that would like to break it and trod upon it as an old document that no longer applies to the People, yet the document was and is so simple that only a fool would fall into the idea that it does not mean what it says. 

The constitution is simple, it is some people that feel that they have the right to rule over others that tend to find a reason to want to stop the constitution, in the past mistakes have been made by the supreme court. 

Most recently we find that indeed another serious error was made by the chief justice in defining what the constitution says about if a government can force its citizens to buy something or to tax them without representation. 

The constitution is clear. 

We know this because we can read what the constitution says about many of the issues we faced in the past and that we continue to face now. 

But we also have a minority of people, probably a very small percentage of the people, that tend to think that they are smarter than other people to the extent that they feel they know better than millions of other people. 

The problem with this situation is that it assumes that they are right and that millions are wrong. 

We know that this is insane yet we have the media that would love to see this same constitution removed, yet they themselves do not seem to understand that were that to happen the media would cease to exist. 

We have examples of this same thing happening to other people in other nations. 

So the real question today is not about what the constitution says but if a few people should be able to rule over everyone else because they think that they are better than everyone else. 

This is the very thing that the constitution was created to prevent yet today here we are again all these years later attempting to decide if the people are right or if the privileged rich are right. 

You might think that is confusing but it is not, the truth here is simple, we have a very small percentage of the population that think they are right about everything to the determinant to all of the people. 

We the people would cease to exist to be replaced by the very thing that the constitution was created to stop. 

In 2014 you have a chance perhaps the last chance to stop this kind of ignorance and move this nation into what has worked for many many years. 

You can decide if voting is important or if you should just let someone else vote while you do nothing. 

You can decide if the constitution is really as important as most of the population of the US feel it is. 

You can Vote or you can just ignore the situation and hope that someone else does the right thing. 

Its up to you, Vote in 2014 or stay at home and let someone else decide if you can get medical care or if you can speak your mind without going to jail, or even the right to live or to do what you feel is right. 

You can sit there and do nothing or you can allow others to lie and cheat and steal until there is nothing left of America. 

That is what you can do…

Vote or not, but in 2014 it may be the last opportunity to ever vote again…