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Knowing that for the most part society depends on the law enforcement community to be not only fair but also balanced.

The courageous men and women that make up our law enforcement community deserve better and so often they do not get it, however when a man who allegedly should have retired some time ago, comes in and makes alleged erroneous statements which are not fair or balanced, you have to ask is this the best that Pima Co, Arizona can do? The answer seem and allegedly could be yes they can do better, however, to allow this type of behavior to stand unchallenged, is not only irresponsible but also well just plain stupid.

According to some reports, the Sheriff had the opportunity to prevent this tragic and horrible event, but like many others he did nothing.
It is in some ways, just incomprehensible, that everyone thought that someone would do something about this problem, there were signs.

It is easy to say this after the tragic events occurred and perhaps that is coloring some of the comments, however, to see a problem and do nothing, that is what is really disturbing about this situation, allegedly there were arrests made, but no action taken, there were people who said something was wrong but no help was sought.

Should Dupnik be fired for allegedly violating his oath of office?

Should he be using the office of Sheriff to try and push his personal political agenda?

Should a law enforcement officer be allowed to allegedly violate his oath of office?

This man is not fit for office allegedly, since he is causing many alleged problems for Pima county Arizona and his continued false allegations and innuendo, is causing a fevered pitch among many people this is not the way we have come to expect law enforcement to act.

It is time for him to step aside or shut up.

Law enforcement is in the business of enforcing the law not spouting opinion for the evening news, this allegedly is a blight on the law enforcement community this man must step down.

The facts do not support the dupnik fantasy, which is filled with the very vitriol that he falsely has tried to politicize, he should resign or be fired.

Else in the future when someone makes a fool of themselves in Pima county AZ they may be pulling a dupnik.

Sure its funny but it is also sad, this alleged man is not a real law enforcement member not with making all the mistakes he has allegedly made in several interviews over the past few days, it is incredible that the people of Pima county AZ have this for a sheriff.