The Racist Card?

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You know, the title here says it all, there are times, when out of respect to the past and the future, we should allow old wounds to heal, but every once in a while someone steps over the line and that is just sad really because so much has changed, over the last ten years.


Are we all racist now?

There are still things that will never change, but that does not give us the license to play games with the truth, it is better to be thought a fool sometimes, than to remove all doubt.

Dear Patriot,
We're used to baseless personal attacks, but every once in a while it really gets under my skin. This time, I'm flat out angry. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) once again said that if we oppose this President's historic spending spree, it's because we're motivated by prejudice. She claims that if we don't want to raise taxes while passing mountains of debt to our children, then it's because we're racists.  (really, were all racist?)

Well guess what? I'm not going to stand for this. I know that you oppose raising the debt ceiling because these soaring deficits are devaluing the dollar, because our children should not be forced to fund today's government overreach, and because maybe, just maybe, the government should live within its means!

Here is what I propose: I want to let Sheila Jackson Lee know that we will not stand for this! We oppose any debt increase without REAL and substantial spending cuts because we want what's best for OUR country, unlike Rep. Jackson Lee along with her friends in Congress and the White House who only want to do what's best for their union and special interest cronies at the expense of our children and grandchildren!

Starting Monday, we're going to launch a full on blitz, asking Conservatives across the country – and in her district – to flood her office with faxes and calls telling her that we oppose her and the President not because of the color of their skin, but because they're wrong!

We'll send you more details about how you can help us flood her office, but we need your help right now to fund these efforts. If you're as angry as I am, please help us tell Sheila Jackson Lee that we won't stand for this any longer by making a donation –HERE–

This may be the last opportunity to save America from an agenda of Hate and Evil, Cowards that threaten the American way of life, if you have been on the fence about donating a small amount because you were not sure about what to do now is the time, we need your help even if it is only a few dollars, 5, 10 even 12, dollars, at a time, becuase this may be the last chance you ever have to freely give voice to your opinions, because if the Democrats in the White house have their way, you would be a racist and that is just not true.

Please consider a donation, even just $5.00 would help

Thank you for your support.