AP liars?

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So why do certain publishers seem to have an interest
in promoting a certain political view?

The media used to be our friends, we would watch them in the evening and just before the street lamps went off so did the TV, with the American Flag waving in the background…

Things have changed and they have not changed for the better.

In a recent publication that has been allegedly questioned by scientists many people are questioning the accuracy of published information that appears to be allegedly faulty.

What they say and what they do may be two very different things, when you lie to yourself are you not also lying to everyone else?

When you make up a story based on biased information how is that reporting?

It is an amazing thing with polls, when you call in certain areas you can be more certain of what answers you will get, for example when you call in a certain area of NewYork about a certain topic you can be sure that you will get certain answers.

In the scientific world they call that being dishonest and being a fool and a liar.
No one is fooled…