The repeated LIES of the Biased Media…???

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What happens when the media try to imply that a truth exists when in fact what they are saying could be viewed as a lie.

You see as a Journalist they have a responsibility
to do the right thing.

They should not Mislead the American People because they are unable
to present the unbiased truth.

  • Why is that and why are they doing this?

  • When did the wisdom of the Reporting Journalist abandon them?

  • Why should one group of people be the only representative speech?

  • Do we truly have freedom of Speech in this nation?

  • Or is it really just a clever illusion?

These questions deserve answers, yet for the most part the press is becoming a version of scrooge that
has the appearance of the truth but is a twisted version that defies logic and reason.

We have all see this lie so often that some of us may be on the verge of actually believing something that makes no sense at all…

When men stand and declare a lie as the truth all humanity suffer.