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Gun Control is McCain on the right side?


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We think that we can do things that common sense tells us is impossible and the truth is that we know for sure that only law abiding citizens actually obey the law.

John McCain should be retiring and we should thank him for his service.

The truth is Gun control makes no sense at all.

The truth is control is an illusion that seems to say that you can be safe when the truth is that none of the people injured in any of the recent violence including Boston, could have been prevented by any of the proposed legislation.

So why is John McCain doing this at all?

Sign the petition and get a chance to win what they want to take away from you.





The dirty Little big Secret of Inflation…


 The truth about inflation is a dirty little secret that perhaps you may not be completely aware. You hear about how there is not much inflation yet you see the price of food and hard goods continue to go up. The one thing that is not so visible is how many manufacturers are very subtly engaging in a game of illusion. For example have a look at these two product packages.

the high cost of deflation
the high cost of deflation

 You can look at these images and compare them it is not a lot but if you think about the amount of the reduction of product as compared to the price of the item then you can see that there is a huge amount of inflation in many places all around us.

As you look at the two images you may think that there is not much difference and there really is not much, but in the top image the product contains 5 OZ of product and the image on the bottom contains 6 OZ of product, what is interesting is that this smaller product was introduced into the market at the same price as its healthier cousin.

This is inflation, but done in a way that makes you wonder what else is going on behind the scenes, are you really getting a full tube of tooth paste?

What about other products that are not so viable are you really getting what it says is in the package.

Who measures these things, If you bought a set of scales to see how much product was actually in the box you might be very surprised at what that might reveal about what is happening at your local super market.




obama care too complicated for most people?

So is the affordable care act too complicated for the average person to understand?

I guess its possible but one thing seems interesting because so far the effects of a socialized medicine system seem to be less than what anyone ever hoped to see.

On a recent trip to the emergency room I noticed a couple of disturbing things, persons with no insurance are not treated with much respect as well they appear to be given zero care, they may make a token effort at creating the illusion that they are doing something but in reality its little or nothing.

The end result may not be something that everyone was thinking about because right now, we don’t see any kind of affordable care, at all.

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The shell Game what it means to you.

Looking Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors.

For many years street hustlers have used a little known method of manipulation and slight of hand to visually distract the audience in such a way as to create an illusion that they can pick and choose what they see and believe.

The sad truth is that our Media have become much like these hucksters, they use psychological tricks to variate an old game that leaves the victim out of cash and wondering what happened.

The media is lying to you every day, but that sounds like the ravings of a crazy person right?  


Did Media Influence End Elections in America?

The truth about this very important issue could be that Corporate News Services have in fact carefully set about to influence and to undermine the American People while making Millions of dollars along the way.

It is possible that because of the way that America has become so fragmented and divisive and derisive, that we may no longer be capable of having fair elections.  It may be that we do need the UN to come in and to monitor our election process because it appears that we have become the third world nation that we have been trying to build up over so many years.

While we have been busy sending money over to other nations to help them get the modern conveniences like McDonald’s and other totally necessary things, we may have become like those  nations that we at one time hoped to help.

All thanks to the liberally biased media which told us for months that Romney could not win, they said it and they said it until psychologically people began to believe it, the real question now is should the media be allowed to influence the election process while making millions of dollars pretending to cover the news all the while they are carefully cultivating an environment where the candidate of their choosing can win.

It may appear that things are dark and that the storm clouds have risen above the horizon, perhaps it is as some are saying too late for America, when we have a nation where promises are made then broken, (on both sides of the isle) and no one ever questions the truth.

Then we must face the fact that America is no longer a free nation, that perhaps our freedom for these many years has been an illusion, much like the matrix.

What will life be like in this brave new world where the media tells you that its raining…..

When the truth is not so pleasant.


We like to feel like the America that our fathers fought and died to present to their children was and is something that will never go away, but the truth is that all it takes to rub out the dreams of a generation is the media and a nation unwilling to vote.




The repeated LIES of the Biased Media…???

What happens when the media try to imply that a truth exists when in fact what they are saying could be viewed as a lie.

You see as a Journalist they have a responsibility
to do the right thing.

They should not Mislead the American People because they are unable
to present the unbiased truth.

  • Why is that and why are they doing this?

  • When did the wisdom of the Reporting Journalist abandon them?

  • Why should one group of people be the only representative speech?

  • Do we truly have freedom of Speech in this nation?

  • Or is it really just a clever illusion?

These questions deserve answers, yet for the most part the press is becoming a version of scrooge that
has the appearance of the truth but is a twisted version that defies logic and reason.

We have all see this lie so often that some of us may be on the verge of actually believing something that makes no sense at all…

When men stand and declare a lie as the truth all humanity suffer.




more debt

Debt increase?

Are they insane?

What is going on up there in Washington?

Is it something in the Water?

Watch the video

One day after the stock market drops 140 because the first time in US history, our Credit rating has gone negative, our congress is saying that they are going to go ahead and bow and scrape to the liberals in the senate?

People are just dumb right they wont remember how we betrayed them when it comes time for the 2012 election.

The people they don’t care, they are just stupid people anyway and we will fill the buses with them stupid people to vote us back in office anyway so who cares right.

We will go to the crematoriums and get names of people so we can create the illusion that they have voted beyond the grave, after all the people are stupid and they are as cattle and sheep, is it not the truth?

Lets just keep going as we have been because no one really cares what we do right?