The dirty Little big Secret of Inflation…

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 The truth about inflation is a dirty little secret that perhaps you may not be completely aware. You hear about how there is not much inflation yet you see the price of food and hard goods continue to go up. The one thing that is not so visible is how many manufacturers are very subtly engaging in a game of illusion. For example have a look at these two product packages.

the high cost of deflation
the high cost of deflation

 You can look at these images and compare them it is not a lot but if you think about the amount of the reduction of product as compared to the price of the item then you can see that there is a huge amount of inflation in many places all around us.

As you look at the two images you may think that there is not much difference and there really is not much, but in the top image the product contains 5 OZ of product and the image on the bottom contains 6 OZ of product, what is interesting is that this smaller product was introduced into the market at the same price as its healthier cousin.

This is inflation, but done in a way that makes you wonder what else is going on behind the scenes, are you really getting a full tube of tooth paste?

What about other products that are not so viable are you really getting what it says is in the package.

Who measures these things, If you bought a set of scales to see how much product was actually in the box you might be very surprised at what that might reveal about what is happening at your local super market.