The shell Game what it means to you.

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Looking Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors.

For many years street hustlers have used a little known method of manipulation and slight of hand to visually distract the audience in such a way as to create an illusion that they can pick and choose what they see and believe.

The sad truth is that our Media have become much like these hucksters, they use psychological tricks to variate an old game that leaves the victim out of cash and wondering what happened.

The media is lying to you every day, but that sounds like the ravings of a crazy person right?  

Sure that is what it sounds like but if you define as lie as an omission of truth, which by the way is what it is, then a lot of people really are lying to you.

The thing is how can you find a way out of the media mad house?

It really is not that difficult just start watching the world instead of the TV.  

    Take a drive around town and see how many local business companies are no longer in business. Seriously take a look and see how many for rent signs are on empty building that once held the dreams of a family much like your own. When you do that you will begin to see the level of deception that has been generated and directed at you.

What you see and what you find will surprise you and perhaps may even frighten you.  It should, because while you watch carefully crafted television programming the real world is happening all around you and if your not careful you will be left in a position of ignorance.

There are some very real reasons why it is important to be aware of what is going on in your environment and your the town in which you live.

Not fully understanding the dangers in what is happening in this economy is something to really be concerned about.