Tag: Wisdom

  • The Black NRA what?

    Truth and Wisdom is in this video.

  • The repeated LIES of the Biased Media…???

    What happens when the media try to imply that a truth exists when in fact what they are saying could be viewed as a lie. You see as a Journalist they have a responsibility to do the right thing. They should not Mislead the American People because they are unableto present the unbiased truth. Why […]

  • 911 Attacks was it really all about an unknown movie?

    The media and apparently some odd individuals in the administration want you to think that the assault and murder of American Citizens and even a Navy Seal, was the result of a movie that few people have ever seen, in fact it is possible that no one has seen it that was involved in those […]

  • democrats

    Will the democrats see the wisdom of fixing the problems that make health care reform illegal allegedly, Many people know that this nation is based on the Constitution, some may not understand it, but it is the law of what we are, the constitution is what makes us free. The Question remains, will the democrats, […]