Is Harry Reid Lying?

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Why is Harry Reid lying? (allegedly)

Because no spending bill may originate in the Senate.

That is the way it is, so why is Harry Reid, lying? (allegedly)

The American people object to Harry Reid, (allegedly) not telling the truth in his attempt to originate a bill in the Senate.

It is not constitutional, (allegedly) for Harry Reid to attempt to originate a (Harry Reid spending bill)

that is a problem because the people need to have an answer, no house member will allow a Harry Reid spending bill to pass the house, so why will Harry Reid not allow a vote to occur on cloture?

That is the question, it appears that the Democrats are standing in the way of moving forward.

That is the problem, Harry Reid is allegedly Lying, to the face of the American people.

What is going on when Harry Reid will not allow a vote on Cloture?

That is the issue here, not if we should suddenly allow a non conforming vote, which violates the rules of law for the congress.

That is what Harry Reid is allegedly trying to do here, is to say that lets, just do away with more than 200 years of rule of law and do what only the democrat want to do, that seems to be a serious issue and the American people do not want this rule of law violated, that is what we are seeing here, an attempt to violate the rule of law, (allegedly)

All alleged violators, are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.