aclu apology mistake

Sestak offered job?

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Was sestak offered a job, was it not right? Was it wrong?

With the blago trial beginning soon and really looking at this story and the blago story they are really similar…

Is this a big deal, or is it just another, media hype, story…

Was it a crime? Well it could be, but the most important thing here is have we been duped by the media?

Is the media accurately reporting on this story…???

or are they ignoring a new story because they are biased?

Sure the spin miesters are out in force saying this and saying that, but not really knowing what they are saying, what a sad situation to be in when you talk about stuff and you really done know what your talking about, we just report what we see on the news, because for the most part you will not see this on NBC, or CBS, or CNBC, or any of the liberal drive by media…

Now that is the really sad story here, because if it we not for this media I just have to ask this would woodward and bernstein, have ever broken the news story if it had been a democrat, that was in trouble, as it is now, will there be a story because it was wrong when blago did it, right?

Was it not wrong when blago did it?

Then for Gods sake people you have to let blago go, if it is wrong for one it is wrong for the other.

So this is the deal, either you drop the charges against blago, or you charge sestak and the others invovled in this scandal, (allegedly)

otherwise, its it just another liberal LIE< lies lies lies, that is all we ever get allegedly....