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  • Constantly Criticizing Fox News?

    I know you are probably just as amazed as we are in watching Fox News and their constant use of derogatory language. You sort of expect it with other networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSCBC, (the list could go on and on and on) But with a network that would like to have people thinking […]

  • Protest Iran Deal?

    When you look at the way the media covers protests why is it that they only seem to be “really” interested in covering protests that are likely to turn violent or become a riot? That is something to really consider… Find out what the media will not tell you about who is attending and speaking […]

  • Stupid Debate Stupid Washington…

    No one would enjoy being called stupid but that is what a lot of people feel about the way the debate was setup and handled yesterday, it was yellow Journalism at its worst. The questions were at times, (STUPID) This is something that is hard to understand. The GOP decided that it would not stand […]

  • NBC to aire controversial bible

    Well if you can imagine it or not, NBC who allegedly has a long line of offensive bias charges against them, (allegedly) is going to broadcast a Biblical program, now its probably not going to be biblically accurate, (huh, what, really) why bother then, You mean they just allegedly did this for the money? Of […]

  • ABC, CBS, NBC, loose more viewers?

    What used to be is no more… The generation that once knew the broadcast networks as the only source of news is no more. The truth is things have changed and the media has become so corrupted that they no longer report the news in a fair way at all. In fact they black out […]

  • Media talking points?

    Do the media have talking points and if they do is that really what the media should be doing? Think about it, how can the media report on the news if they have points that they want to achieve that may preclude the proper reporting of the news.   Over the last two days, the media […]

  • Bored, Random, Black on White Crime?

    There have been several high profile cases that the media have treated differently. Fair Reporting or Biased reporting… Or No reporting…   We look at the news and it is difficult to understand what is going on when the media attempt to provide cover for what is a serious problem. More Law and Order Stupidity, […]

  • SVU show Paula Deen

    In what is likely the worst thing that SVU has ever done is a show featuring what is to be allegedly Paula Deen Murdering Trayvon Martin… Ask yourself this question how is this even something that would come into someones mind… How is it even possible. Boycott SVU advertisers on NBC…  

  • SVU NBC Hate Machine?

    Is Law and Order a Piece of Trash? Are they lost?  Are they Stupid? Are they What, Insane? If you think this show is bad, just imagine the Idiots that advertise on these shows.    Boycott NBC like this on Facebook…

  • Zimmerman facts influenced by the Media?

    How the media might be influencing the news and creating political problems, will NBC do something very wrong? What do we do about this out of control media.  When the media attempts to alter facts that directly effect the opinion of the viewing public it becomes impossible for the justice system to do its job, […]