Stupid Debate Stupid Washington…

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No one would enjoy being called stupid but that is what a lot of people feel about the way the debate was setup and handled yesterday, it was yellow Journalism at its worst.

The questions were at times, (STUPID)

This is something that is hard to understand.

The GOP decided that it would not stand for the way that many of the broadcast media have in the past asked stupid questions, yet Fox Did last night and that is a big problem one that could cost the network Millions of dollars in advertising fees as more people will begin to realize just how stupid it was.

This is a big issue, the questions, why did they do this, did they not realize that Americans would see the questions and the format as a bad decision?

What was Fox News Production thinking?

Were puzzled and frankly dumbfounded.

What fox did here was basically do the same thing that NBC might have done, though to be fair to Fox NBC would have been a lot worse, however were wondering just who was responsible for this “Stupid” method of arriving at a formatting error and just a huge disappointment.

Megan Kelly Suffered in the way that she asked some questions because of the invalid format of the questions she asked, they made a big deal about how they had spent hours and hours getting up questions.

So, my question to those “stupid” people behind those questions, what did you do all those hours, drink, get drunk do drugs?  Really because even a fool would not have engaged in asking stupid questions like those.

(Sure there were Millions of Viewers, but does that make up for the ignorance displayed by Fox?)


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