Real solutions that can save America

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There is one simple thing that can help save Billions and Billions of money that has yet to be spent.

It is just two words, simple when you think about it and

it can fundamentally change America.

Two words that will change our current system and fundamentally change America, the kind of change you voted for, two words, it is really just that simple.

These two words will eliminate more waste and fraud out of the budget than anything currently being proposed by the white house.

These two words would actually bring in more money into the government.

These two words would help save America, but the politicians in Washington are afraid to say these words because it would mean that they would have to balance their check books just as we have to do every month.

These Two words.

Flat TAX, you read it correctly folks, the flat tax would bring in more money and more revenue and it would help us in building up the infrastructure while we reduce pork spending.

Amazing I know, those two little words can save America.

Will congress learn how to say those two words?

They say that it will not work but the fact is that the numbers say it will work, they say it is not possible, but the truth is that it is possible.