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  • Trump Sandbags Stephanopoulos on Clinton ties

    This video is amazing and all the Press can say bad about the alternative is a few mountains made out of molehills. The media is so dishonest, this is the truth and the people know this is the truth. The media may try to deny it and try to make it sound like someone is […]

  • Vice Presidential Debate

    The Vice Presidential debate will be very interesting not because of the questions that will be asked but to see how the Media will try to twist the debate up until it no longer resembles what it should be. Want to know what debate should be? Well we as a nation of “We the People” […]

  • Little Debbie may need a new job

    Well for the most part we have seen over the last two years a real change in how things work in America, people are sick and tired of the way things work in politics, they are sick of the lies, they are sick of the odd behaviors, the strange issues that seem to happen all […]

  • Real or made up?

    Question of the day, are stings real or are they fabricated? Was the danger ever real? If you entice a man to do something that he would not ordinarily do what have you done? Think about that for a moment, if you have say a taco salesman and you offer him a cut rate price […]

  • The Racist Card?

    You know, the title here says it all, there are times, when out of respect to the past and the future, we should allow old wounds to heal, but every once in a while someone steps over the line and that is just sad really because so much has changed, over the last ten years. […]

  • Real solutions that can save America

    There is one simple thing that can help save Billions and Billions of money that has yet to be spent. It is just two words, simple when you think about it and it can fundamentally change America. Two words that will change our current system and fundamentally change America, the kind of change you voted […]